Yes or no to CCleaner


I note differences in advantages using Ccleaner, some say forget it, it slows dont pc. Your opinion will be valuable to me. Win 7/Office 2010/Firefox.THANKS


It depends on how you use your PC. I’d vote to yes!


The only thing I ever used CCleaner for was wiping HDDs and, once I finished wiping the drive, I would remove the program. I found CCleaner to be far too intrusive in the OS and, after laboriously turning off all the unwanted “features”, many of the would turn themselves on. I’ve also have had it actually do damage due to its overzealousness (thank God for images). I ditched it for good when I got rid of my last HDD a couple of years ago.

Glary Utilities has many of the same functions CCleaner has but is less aggressive and, when one turns off a feature (or doesn’t turn it on), the setting sticks.

Since AVAST bought it, I’ve seen even more reports of CCleaner having problems or causing problems, including harvesting user data. My advice to anyone is to stay away from it!


I agree with @LadyFitzgerald. I used ccleaner for many years until Avast bought it. I found it then began probing into computer areas without my knowing using its default settings. I now use Glary Utilites.


No. Stopped using it after the malware incident.

This Ghacks article details on the shenanigans by Piriform that started after its acquisition by Avast. A constant unstoppable background telemetry (user data collection) if you choose to use the free version. Although they might have rolled this update back, it shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

Interesting Reddit comment made by user DrHem:

I still don’t get why any Avast product is recommended by “tech experts” here on reddit or elsewhere.

Avast bought AVG and Piriform and ended up with nearly half a billion users using their various free products that all come with user data collection that goes to a company owned by Avast called Jumpshot. According to Avast’s own investor’s info they have 11 petabytes of stored user data that they are selling (page 51)

People go crazy over facebook collecting data, but somehow a security company that is supposed to protect user privacy does the same and its actually recommended.

My advice? Just stick to the disk cleanup utility that’s built into Windows.


I’ve been using CC for many years. No mishaps. CC is good for cleaning out browsers - seemingly more thorough than browsers can clean themselves. CC also allows you to whitelist cookies you want to keep while cleaning out the rest.

CC is good for stuff like ‘Reliability Monitor’ - allowing you to start over from scratch.

CC also allows you to clean out specific folders - which can come in handy.

Lots of other uses.


Thank you for an interesting answer. Luckily I use the paid Avast version. Yep, I will concentrate on W cleanup. Bi


Thks, will try Glary. Bi


Lady… also thanks to you


Interesting the pro and con opinions - Thanks


I’ve used it in the past but at this point I would say no. If you need to do a cleaning, the built-in Disk Cleanup often does a good enough job without the need to download a 3rd party program.


Thank you sir. In the interim I switched to Glary Utilities but guess your advice will be followed after I checked Glary for a week. bi


IMO, I would say No. I have tried it several times in my phone and my phone starts to lag badly. & after their data breach incident, I am a bit nervous now.


Which antivirus is good for pc MAC


I would say YES, becausea I am using it for a long time. When I feel that computer is working slow I clean registry and it works again faster.


Remember, just because something started out good, doesn’t mean it is still good today.


I want to say Yes to CCleaner


Is that the same scenario where your mind is telling you no, but your body is telling you yes?