World mouse crisis?


Little more than 2 years ago I’ve spent about 2 months looking for a good mouse. A simple good mouse that would just work.

Looking back I can see I was spoiled by this amazing A4Tech “padless mouse”, which I had bought previously for just about U$20 back in 2012 or so… The best cost benefit mouse I’ve ever seen! Just perfect for me.

The only problem was: I had lent it and it was nowhere to be found again. The store I had bought it had no clue of its existence. I bought 4 different ones, spent a whole lot more than I’d ever expect and ended up with no mouse. It’d have been better if I went straight to a Razer and their expensive and ugly shiny mouses full of useless buttons. At least it would work.

Microsoft mouse? Easy to find everywhere. They all suck. Blue tracking? Bullshit. Can’t even work on a black wood table, even less on my bed - where I might need it most, sometimes. It has the same issues as any other regular cheap mouse.

Later on I managed to buy an used razer for equivalent of U$40, with just 2 buttons (which is 3 less buttons than the amazing a4tech), and just an annoying giant blue led, which can easily replace a dim bedside lamp, except there is no switch and the only way to turn it off is disconnecting it.

Anyway, anyone knows where I can find this mouse?

Or what would be a similarly good one?


Amazon has everthing. Only problem I see is a 20-30 day delivery time.


I never bought anything on amazon because of delivery costs and brazilian customs. At least U$30 plus the products and anything beyond U$50 will be taxed with 60% more, so nothing is really worth it there for me. :frowning:

On top of that, this one is amazingly expensive at U$62. Mine in the picture was R$37. There must be an easier way!


Huh… I’ve been buying Logitech mice for a long time. I can get a wireless mouse for $20, or a wired one for around $10. The Logitech M100 is pretty much a staple at my house. The new optical mice use a non-visible laser (infrared, I think), as well. This supposedly helps surface tracking.

Also, while it may not be exactly what you’re looking for, you might also check out the Logitech M510. I’m using that on a couple of systems, and I really like it.


Supposedly indeed. It doesn’t. Try comparing it. :wink:

And really not looking for radio or bluetooth. I don’t quite understand why, but looks like people hate rechargeable wireless mice. And I hate having to replace batteries, even rechargeable ones. Also, I mostly see no problem with the cables.

I’m glad you guys are confirming my suspicion of the world “crisis”. :slight_smile:


Actually, modern optical mice work a LOT better than the first ones, IR or not. Compared to 2001 or 2002, when they first started to become commonplace, the difference is night and day.

Anywhere, I’m not sure where the “crisis” is, when you can buy reliable computer mice for less than $10 just about anywhere that sells electronics.

I change the battery on my wireless mice maybe once a year. So there’s almost no point to making it rechargable, with its attendant hassles, when an alkaline battery lasts longer and is more reliable.


I’m exaggerating a bit with “world”, because I’m talking just about my own experience… But nope. I can’t buy reliable computer mouse nowhere! My whole point is I’ve tried for way too long and best bet was buying a used one from a reliable very expensive brand.

Damn, I never heard even of half this long life for any wireless device ever! Other than the TV remote control, which has no receiver and no real power consumption. If it really does last so much, then it makes sense to use batteries.


What country do you live in? Maybe this is a good case for having someone buy you a dozen or so mice and shipping them to you as a gift. :slight_smile:


My guess I suppose is Brazil.


Search for the “Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball”. This mouse uses the thumb to roll the ball and doesn’t require desk or bed “real estate” to be useful. The mouse remains stationary and the rollerball moves. I have one of these for each of my many computers and laptops and also carry one with me for when I am away from home/office and will be required to utilize someone elses computer for any length of time. My only issue with the mouse is that Logitech has not released a Bluetooth version, though I continually hound them to do so :slight_smile:

I am not saying this will be the best fit for your situation, but it is worth a look.

Edit: I just reread the topic an you said you would rather use a corded mouse. The “logitech trackball mouse” is the same form factor as the M570, but is a corded version.


I forgot to mention I do use mouse mostly for gaming. But even for anything else, I don’t think a trackball is a good replacement. I prefer keeping on the awesome macbook’s own touchpad for anything else anyway. However…

I heard some people can be devilish skilled with a trackball, so maybe I will eventually try that, just like I love to practice my left hand - to keep learning.

Now you kept me wondering about finger mouses

And yeah, @xhl it is Brazil. For now.

Actually, I’m not in need of a mouse anymore… But often I see people with bad ones, and I came up with this now because my dad needs one. I won’t look one for him, and I’d let him try a lot first anyway. It just brought me this questioning again.

So yeah, that wouldn’t be a bad idea, but you haven’t convinced me you got good mouses there either. Try it on the bed. It has to work there.


I just tried my M215 on the bed… works fine. Let me try it on other surfaces:

Top of the mini-fridge next to my desk: works
Aluminum computer case: works
Shirt: works
Black jeans: works
Piece of paper: notebook paper is the best emergency mouse pad ever

In fact, every surface I’ve tried it on works, except for clean glass.


That’s new to me. Is this it? If it’s more than “fine” and as good as in any surface, I take the wired version!

Microsoft bluetracking seem to work good, but it doesn’t. Same goes for 3 other mouses I’ve tried and, if I recall correctly, one of them were a Logitech. But I may be mistaken.


Yeah, that’s one of Logitech’s entry-model wireless mice. I got it in a bundle with a keyboard. I don’t really like the keyboard much (I prefer the Microsoft ComforCurve), but the mouse is pretty good. I just wish it had side buttons; I’ve gotten very used to using the side button as the “back” button in the browser.


Try contacting A4Tech and see if they can suggest a seller in your area.


Just today (Thursday) published an article about “The Best Computer Mice”. You might check it out at:

Although I did not read the article thoroughly, two relatively inexpensive ones caught my eye: the Logitech Marathon Mouse M705 ($50 or cheaper elsewhere) and the Rapoo 7100P Wireless Optical Mouse ($30).

I hope this helps you. Good luck. Jim


Usually the best ideas are so simple… I doubt I’ll find someone in there who can help me, but I’m now trying. Who knows? :horse:

I liked the coincidence and the effort, but sorry, it didn’t. :frowning:

The only corded cheap enough option was a Microsoft mouse and it has the awful bluetrack technology.

I want either a:

  • Cheap mouse equivalent to that A4tech one, or;
  • A high end magical mouse with 2 buttons that can be pressed at same time and built-in rechargeable battery (only two reasons I haven’t bought one). Then U$69 becomes a good price. :slight_smile:

That apple mouse is so vastly superior than all others it’s not even funny. Just like when iPhone came on and destroyed all other smartphones, except that for some reason nobody is copying their mouse yet. :confused:


Are you talking about the Magic Mouse? There’s no right-click…


Yes. And there is. But you can’t hold the right click and press the left one at the same time, or vice-versa.


Interesting. I can’t get it to work on the Mac that I use, but I’m only in there for half a day, once a week… so I’m probably missing something important.