World mouse crisis?


My guess I suppose is Brazil.


Search for the “Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball”. This mouse uses the thumb to roll the ball and doesn’t require desk or bed “real estate” to be useful. The mouse remains stationary and the rollerball moves. I have one of these for each of my many computers and laptops and also carry one with me for when I am away from home/office and will be required to utilize someone elses computer for any length of time. My only issue with the mouse is that Logitech has not released a Bluetooth version, though I continually hound them to do so :slight_smile:

I am not saying this will be the best fit for your situation, but it is worth a look.

Edit: I just reread the topic an you said you would rather use a corded mouse. The “logitech trackball mouse” is the same form factor as the M570, but is a corded version.


I forgot to mention I do use mouse mostly for gaming. But even for anything else, I don’t think a trackball is a good replacement. I prefer keeping on the awesome macbook’s own touchpad for anything else anyway. However…

I heard some people can be devilish skilled with a trackball, so maybe I will eventually try that, just like I love to practice my left hand - to keep learning.

Now you kept me wondering about finger mouses

And yeah, @xhl it is Brazil. For now.

Actually, I’m not in need of a mouse anymore… But often I see people with bad ones, and I came up with this now because my dad needs one. I won’t look one for him, and I’d let him try a lot first anyway. It just brought me this questioning again.

So yeah, that wouldn’t be a bad idea, but you haven’t convinced me you got good mouses there either. Try it on the bed. It has to work there.


I just tried my M215 on the bed… works fine. Let me try it on other surfaces:

Top of the mini-fridge next to my desk: works
Aluminum computer case: works
Shirt: works
Black jeans: works
Piece of paper: notebook paper is the best emergency mouse pad ever

In fact, every surface I’ve tried it on works, except for clean glass.


That’s new to me. Is this it? If it’s more than “fine” and as good as in any surface, I take the wired version!

Microsoft bluetracking seem to work good, but it doesn’t. Same goes for 3 other mouses I’ve tried and, if I recall correctly, one of them were a Logitech. But I may be mistaken.


Yeah, that’s one of Logitech’s entry-model wireless mice. I got it in a bundle with a keyboard. I don’t really like the keyboard much (I prefer the Microsoft ComforCurve), but the mouse is pretty good. I just wish it had side buttons; I’ve gotten very used to using the side button as the “back” button in the browser.


Try contacting A4Tech and see if they can suggest a seller in your area.


Just today (Thursday) published an article about “The Best Computer Mice”. You might check it out at:

Although I did not read the article thoroughly, two relatively inexpensive ones caught my eye: the Logitech Marathon Mouse M705 ($50 or cheaper elsewhere) and the Rapoo 7100P Wireless Optical Mouse ($30).

I hope this helps you. Good luck. Jim


Usually the best ideas are so simple… I doubt I’ll find someone in there who can help me, but I’m now trying. Who knows? :horse:

I liked the coincidence and the effort, but sorry, it didn’t. :frowning:

The only corded cheap enough option was a Microsoft mouse and it has the awful bluetrack technology.

I want either a:

  • Cheap mouse equivalent to that A4tech one, or;
  • A high end magical mouse with 2 buttons that can be pressed at same time and built-in rechargeable battery (only two reasons I haven’t bought one). Then U$69 becomes a good price. :slight_smile:

That apple mouse is so vastly superior than all others it’s not even funny. Just like when iPhone came on and destroyed all other smartphones, except that for some reason nobody is copying their mouse yet. :confused:


Are you talking about the Magic Mouse? There’s no right-click…


Yes. And there is. But you can’t hold the right click and press the left one at the same time, or vice-versa.


Interesting. I can’t get it to work on the Mac that I use, but I’m only in there for half a day, once a week… so I’m probably missing something important.


It’s under settings, as they say on the page I’ve posted. And here.

You’re losing your buy-and-tweak powers, dear padawan.


LOL. I can’t have extensive experience on every device out there. After all, there are only so many hours in the day (and I bought a $10 generic mouse for my Mac, rather than spend the money on an overpriced, Apple-branded thing). :smile:


As soon as there is a slightly better generic, I’ll go for it. About 2 years ago I’ve finally replaced my iPhone by this moto razr HD after trying the lousy samsungs. It’s not ideal, but it’s good enough.

Only thing I truly miss is the awesome podcasting app… Damn even to this day, I listen to podcasts very often and I still can’t find one that’s worth it on Android! I’m using podkicker still, aligned with Headset Button which doesn’t work anymore, regardless of uninstalling both, losing all my downloads which aren’t synced anywhere, and reinstalling. So I have to unlock phone, wait for it to respond, open podkicker and finally hit play. On iPhone it was just plugging in and hitting play. Worked every time.

There isn’t a good generic Mac OS and there is no generic magic mouse. :frowning:

I’m no Apple fanboy, but it is not like Beats. It’s not just branding. But they probably won’t be able to find a Steve Jobs replacement.


My favorite Podcast app was a Googler’s 20% project, and it eventually got dropped.

Have you checked out BeyondPod? It’s a little bit more complicated than necessary, but it does do a great job of managing podcasts, and with the recent updates, I’ve started to really like it.

Good enough android podcast players

I don’t agree, I have tried the Apple mouse and I thought it was mediocre. Same with the iPhone. This is probably the reason nobody is copying Apple. Everybody has their own preferences.

What do you expect to happen when you press both mouse buttons? This action is probably the function of software provided with the mouse.


I’m afraid that as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Mouse pleasure is in the hand of the mousesholder.


@xhi you’re probably right. Some people still prefer a blackberry. :stuck_out_tongue:

If I were talking about functions, yeah, it is by software. Not necessarily by firmware at all.

Usually, say you’re dragging n’ dropping something with left mouse button, then meanwhile right mouse button could bring you different options, make copies, drag more while you’re still holding, etc. Alternatives are endless!

But, more important than anything else, if you’re clicking between buttons fast enough it won’t realise you clicked one unless you release the other first, because it can’t understand them simultaneously.


Also, some video games use the right button and the left button at the same time. Take action games, for example, where the right button is the “aim” button. You have to press both at the same time to aim and fire.