Words Disappearing from View?


Hey everyone,

Words in a bunch of programs are disappearing as if they were never programmed in. The text literally doesn’t exist (It won’t select it when I drag the I-beam cursor across the text). I did sfc /scannow in the command prompt (which had its text blanked out too, but the text seemed to still exist, because I could copy the “blank” output to notepad, and I could read it), and it said everything was fine. I have a screenshot of the blank command prompt, and one of the programs with the disappearing text. Also text seems to corrupt in programs like File Explorer and Chrome. Thanks in advance.



Apparently the Properties menu glitches out too…


Looks like a malware infection to me. Download, install, and then run a full system scan using Malwarebytes.


I see text courruption in Malwarebytes too, so I can’t even read anything. Not even the notifications. The broken text thing happened recently though, and I tend to tweak Windows a LOT. Maybe that’s the problem.



What exactly have you tweaked?


Fonts, I think. I changed the font of tabs and dialog boxes to Comic Sans MS. Do you think the font change is the problem? Though I have done this awhile ago… (And the corrupt/blank text just happened today)



Did you restart PC after this issue? Does Comic Sans MS font exist in your PC?


I’ll try that, but I’m in the middle of something else right now.


Yes it does, and it worked just fine for a week or two ago…


Comic Sans was designed for use in informal documents and children’s type material, not for use with tabs and dialog boxes. Change it back, and reboot.


I can’t, because I can’t read A THING in some programs (the main font is still intact on programs like Chrome). The program I used to change the font is called "Winaero Tweaker).



When you reboot press F8 during boot and see if you can get into safe mode.


You might try doing a “System Restore” to a point before it happened.


UPDATE: Restarting my PC WORKED! I can read stuff again!


EDIT: Thanks @Biswa for suggesting to restart my computer :slight_smile: