Wireless speed not up to par


We lave Century link 10mbps internet. When watching Netflix it buffers quit a bit. Tech support at Century Link said to stop the buffering, we need to shut off all wireless to phones, tablets, other tvs and to only use it for Netflix. We can turn wireless back on when no longer watching Netflix. We’ve also been told that trees, houses and buildings around our house affect the wireless connectivity.
We were told when upgrading to the 10 that we could use multiple devices. If that’s the case, then I need to go back to the 5mbps we had before and not pay for more mbps.


Netflix uses around 5Mbps for 1080p streaming, but if you are using wireless your speed from the wireless device to your router is also going to be impacted by distance and interference from other wireless devices, as well as the things the signal needs to pass through. Lowering your speed back down to 5Mbps is not going to help the situation.


Have you done a test with SpeedTest.Net yet, to see what your actual speed is? That’s where I’d start.



I would suggest you check if the drivers of your card are up to date and are current. Try disabling and enabling it again and check the vendor site for any updates.


The best way to kno where this problem lies is to:

  1. Do a speed test with only ONE WIRED DEVICE connected to modem . DISCONNECT ALL OTHER DEVICES. Speedtest.net is good for this as mentioned here earlier. Check the speed to see if it near what the rated speed of yur connection should be.

  2. If the speed is good, Now wire the netflix device to the modem, even if you have to get a really long cable to test with, or temporarily move the TV. SHUT DOWN ALL WIFI DEVICES AND OTHEr CONNECTED DEVICES and test netflix again.

  3. if speed still asequate, next connect the netflix device to wifi in the location it previously was and test. If inasequate it is that you have weak WiFi.

  4. if speed still adequate, reconnect your other devices and test again. If it slows down one of the devices on you network probably has avirus or was left on Youtube or facebook


You may have a virus infected computer or acomputer left on a page like youtube or facebook . A Page left on youtube by default keeps loading videos.

You may have a poor wifi built into the modem. On “basic” wifi, it is only as fast as the slowst device, so if someone has a phone connected to a weak signal say in the back yard they my connect at 2Mbps. The WiFi may then slow down all connections to the lowest common denominator of 2 Mbps.

You may also find that the TV is just too far out of range from the modem and the connection slowing down from a weak signal

Many times I have seen people complain of “internet speeds” when in fact what they were complaing about was WiFi speed. The more you put on Wi Fi the slower it gets, especially with the basic wifi in most modems.

if it works well on wired with all other devices connected then you also know it is weak wifi. Have a look at power line ethernet adapters like these.

Powerline ethernet effectively extends the network over the power lines in your house. Once you have one connected to the modem place a second one most anywhere you want fast interenet, and wire it to the device (TV or computer) . Some have built in wireless access points for extending a networks wifi.

I am not recommending these sellers nor these specific producs this is for your familiarity of what I am talking about.