Wireless Printer Problem

My issue is that I set my printer up on a computer we no longer have and a router we no longer have. I reset the printer to factory settings. Reinstalled it on the new computer but it won’t reset the router. I named the new router the same as the old…my mistake I believe. It’s an HP LaserJetP1102w and I have tried EVERYTHING.

I’m about to buy a new printer and throw this one off the deck.

Not sure what you mean by “it won’t reset the router”?

In any case, many new routers allow for two separate ID / passwords - such as for guest use. Maybe try that with your present router - add a second (guest) ID and see if your printer will connect to it.

Don’t know your location

if you are from Florida side, you can contact Nerd Alert for at-home printer support. They will fix your problem and will guide you too about the steps to resolve this kind of issues in the future.

If not from Florida, still call them. They will tell you what you need to do. here is the contact number: +1 5613006763