Windows Shell Experience Host, suspended


I just read this article,
so I want to task manager to see how it shows up, it was not high at all. but
I found a green suspend mard next to it.

I google for it so fine here the same explanation for this task, and he also has the grren icon on it,
then I realize it shows if stats are checked,
but what is this icon mean? and how is it supposed to be?


I think you mean this icon (you didn’t wait long enough for your image to upload before saving the post):


The icon just means it’s a suspended app. if you foreground an app with that icon, the icon goes away.

I’ve looked around, too, and I can’t find any information on that icon, but since it only shows up on suspended apps (or apps with a suspended component), I’m pretty sure that’s all it is.


A bit of additional info, apps showing the suspended icon have been unloaded from RAM by the SysMain service (formally Prefetch/Superfetch) and held in readiness in the pagefile for when they are activated again, though there may still be some memory retained by an associated Runtime Broker process.


Thanks for the explanation.


Thanks, Gordon. That’s very helpful, especially when trying to explain to people that no, Cortana isn’t sucking up memory - it’s suspended and paged out to disk.