Windows has stopped working


I am trying to get all my pictures off my lap top because the screen is broke and gonna buy a new one in the future. Every time I try to burn a file or pic to a disc or usb, it will say Windows has stopped working and restarting. :frowning: I have windows 7 on an acer ASPIRE 5732Z lap top. Sometimes It wont even let me open to view a picture. :frowning: I have tried the change computer to an earlier time but it wont let me do it and doesnt even give me the option to run as the administrator. :frowning:


How did the screen break? If it was dropped there is always the possibility it broke more than just the screen. Did you start having these issues before the screen broke?

Can you list the specs of the computer?

You might check for Windows system files that may be corrupt:


My son threw a toy car at the screen. I am currently using an old ViewSonic monitor hooked up to lap top so I can use the computer. I dont know what specs are? Even after the screen was broke I could still use it correctly just over time maybe changes I done to it messed it up. I dnt know.


Do you have another computer, such as a desktop machine?

I think the thing to do here is pop out your hard drive and back it up using a hard drive dock.


Click on Start
Right-click Computer and select Properties
List or screenshot the information displaying for System

You can also find this information if you:
Click on Start
Type msinfo32 into the search field and press Enter

You can also do as @wilsontp suggested and connect the laptop’s hard drive to another computer to access the data if you are willing to go that route.

Wasn’t sure if you wanted to get the laptop working or not, as you could certainly continue to use it the way you have been with an external monitor.


I have an emachines desk top in the closet.


I tried this and it doesnt work :frowning: I typed in that code in programs search and it pops up then disapears and nothing happens. I tried downloading the other option and it said failed because of disk is to full. I try deleting a program to clear space but it wont even let me delete a program! :frowning: Very frustrating.


Referring to the earlier post - The System File Checker tool.


pop out hard drive of old computer?


No. Take out the laptop drive and back it up using a hard drive dock. You need the other computer to have something on which to do the backup


so take out hard drive from lap top and hook it up to PC and then what do I do?


I have to drop my son off then when I get back I can focus more on this. Thank you for any and all info you can give me.


Sorry about the short reply. I was on my phone.

So what I’m suggesting is you take a complete backup of your hard drive before doing anything else. What you need is a USB hard drive dock or a USB SATA adapter. You should probably also have an extra USB hard drive as well, at least as big or bigger, than your laptop’s drive.

So the process is this:

  1. Remove the drive from your laptop.
  2. Install it in the dock or SATA adapter.
  3. Install the new
  4. Install Macrium Reflect or another image backup program
  5. Back up the drive.
  6. Re-install the drive in your laptop.
  7. Now you can resume troubleshooting efforts… or just re-install Windows using your laptop’s system recovery tools.



This is probably the root of your problems. If your hard disk is full you are going to have a hard time doing much of anything.

Have you tried to do a disk cleanup to free up space? If you are going to do this you might consider disconnecting the network, Windows is likely behind on updates and will try to consume any space you free up and you want to prevent that at least temporarily.


Take the 2.5" disk out of broken laptop. Use a USB-to-2.5" disk housing to attach the disk to another PC (one that has at least USB 2.0).

On the other PC, enter Computer Management, Disk Management, select the primary partition of the 2.5"/USB disk, Tools Tab, and then “Check Disk”, basic options, no need to test media. If it reports correcting errors, run it another time, until you get a clean report.

The combination of these two steps eliminates hardware issues with the damaged laptop and file system issues with the disk. Hardware (media/surface) issues of the disk could still remain, but they are unlikely to be your problem, and would be reported in a more meaningful way.