Windows 10 update error


I have been running Windows 10 now for about 2 weeks and Windows defender security center has been showing an error on running a Windows 10 update. This is the update it is hung up on.
2018-10 Update for Windows 10 Version 1709 for x64-based Systems (KB4090007)
If I hit retry it keeps getting the same error. A friend of mine told me to ignore it and after a while Microsoft will fix the update. Does that sound right.


Try a restart then immediately check for updates, and whether the update fails or not, do another restart. I’ve had this process fix failing and stuck updates on Win10.

FYI Do not do shutdown instead of restart, because shutdown saves the system state like hibernation, only restart clears all memory.


I tried that and still have the same problem. By the way; when I installed Windows 10 I disabled quick boot. By do that when you do a Shut Down it really shuts down.


Windows 10 is still not updating properly. I am still getting errors. Only now it is a 2019-01 Cumulative update.


Maybe this will help.


I am also facing this error. BTW this is not much helpful