Windows 10 making Chrome default browser no longer possible


If you have Chrome set as your default browser, using Windows 10, do not reset anything after install the new Windows 10, as the selection is no longer possible. If anyone has contrary information, I would be most pleased to receive it.


I have windows 10 version 18334 and still have chrome as my default browser.


Settings -> Apps -> Default Apps -> Web Browser -> click on whichever one is there to see list of available browsers and click on Chrome.


No longer the case – chrome is not a choice, and no way to make it so


Don’t make any changes now, as you will not be able to reestablish it as a default – choice no longer available


Just tried and both of my fully updated Win10 systems still allow me to set any installed browser as the default.


Is a Chrome re-install possible? Maybe W10 just needs a prompt.


Thanks; but no, it appears to be a deliberate lockout. I am communicating with Microsoft on the subject; but do not have an answer yet.