Windows 10 leaking DNS requests


Even when public DNS is entered into Network adapter settings it is still leaking dns information. Any ideas?


What do you mean by “leaking DNS information”?


With windows 8.1 after changing the DNS settings to a defined DNS address using a public DNS server such as 8888 and 8844, in the internet protocol 4 settings the only DNS information was not available at all testing with With windows 10 the public DNS servers are listed. My IP is not as I use a VPN. And none of the DNS IP’s listed are mine so it is not a big deal. Just wondering why the difference.


you should use a VPN provider that has dns leak protection feature such as, for instance, cyberghost

or try reviewing this article:


What vpn are you using? They might be able to provide new dns numbers just ask. I use torguard and never had an issue, tried Pia but they could never fixed my dns issue