Windows 10 File Explorer – Manage Right Click Menu


Right click on a file reveals a menu of actions. Is there a way of managing which applications appear in the menu so that one of them may be selected to open the file this time as opposed to always?

I am not looking for a solution that involves editing the registry. The “open with” for a type of file is not giving me a way of managing the right click menu. How do you add an application to the list when it was not added during installation or re-add if it were deleted?


That is the most easiest and fastest** way of changing settings in Windows. If the application is a common one anyone can provide a registry settings here.

** but deadliest also


Below is an HTG article which provides a step-by-step guide on how to edit the registry to add the “Open With” option to the right-click context menu in Windows 10


If you scroll down towards the end of the tutorial, you will see a link which says:

Open with Context Menu Option Registry Hack

Click on that link and you can download a zip file which contains the registry hack already compiled and available to apply in a single click.

There should also be an “Undo” reg hack in that zip file in the event you want to remove the option.

Have a look and let us know if you have any questions.


Thanks for the responses; I’ll try them. However the point here is, with all the “improvements” MS is making all the time to Windows, why has a non registry edit management GUI capability been provided.


The response above is not addressing the question.
It involves editing the registry and refers to an “Open with” problem which is not the issue here. The question is, how to add/remove any app from the context menu via a management tool i.e. “settings”.


You can use Nirsoft program ShellExView to disable various shell extensions in Windows including those that dynamicly add context menu entries (Things like “Add FIle To to archive” and such).

For static context menu entries you can use the Nirsoft program ShellMenuView.


Thanks, I’ll try them.