Windows 10 Critical Error Start Button Wont work


Hello it’s been long time since I was here and needed help and that reason is because windows 7 is not getting any support in January. I got the message on my screen.

So I was one of those who saved a copy of the new Windows 10 back in 2014 and I downloaded it at the beginning of July 2019 and is has worked beautifully until cumulative update KB4505903.

After the restart my Start button won’t work and there is a critical error telling me so and to sign out well that didn’t work. So I uninstalled the update and the Start button worked again.

I got a remote Microsoft tech on the phone and he erased that update from DOS completely. It still did not work after the update came back and reinstalled. So then his supervisor calls me back and starts making a shadow copy of the registry and had to quit because it was taking to long and he said he would call me back the next day and to leave the install buttons on pause.

Well he never called me back from Microsoft. So It has been 6 days and the update and I resumed them again and it Update KB4505903 has installed again but I have not restarted my computer yet because I already know my start button isn’t going to work. So I thought I would give you guys a holler and see what you have to say because I got the best help ever from here for Windows 7. And you know I did good because its been 5 years since I have needed any help what so ever.

I can’t believe the tech did not call me back that really disappointed me when he called after I hung up from the first tech to fix the issue. Anyway I need my start button I don’t really understand why I cannot hide updates like in W7.

Is Microsoft going to get a critical error report automatically and then send me an update to fix the errors. I think there is something wrong with the hchvhost either reg key or process, and that is why the update is messing up my start button. I am not sure of how to spell it I saw it on a generated report from a download.


If you purchased support from Microsoft you should be on the phone with them to get this resolved or get a refund of the amount you paid them.

Myself I would try a clean install of the latest Windows 10 release, option #1 in this article:


First somereason my username has changed from rkgeekville to cdell but I am the same person. No I did not pay for help I do have a microsoft account. Anyway the update has totally messed up my computer and I need to work to make any money. My computer came with windows 7 and I got a free download from Microsoft Assistance. It took all night to download this Windows 10 and worked great until this update. Do you know how to show the uninstall button in uninstall updates because now I cant uninstall it because that button is missing on the screen. I think is might have been turned off or hidden when I did a repair. Does programs and features have a box to check so the uninstall button is not hidden?


You are logging in with two different accounts; you should not be doing that - my guess is you are sometimes hitting the “Google” button on the login form, but other times are using the “Login” button at the bottom. Those are tied to different accounts, so you’re logging in sometimes as “cdell” and sometimes as “rkgeekville”.

You should decide which account you want to use, since using them both causes issues (and is generally against the rules.)


I’m not sure what to do I am not doing it on purpose none of my logins are working when I sign in and so I used google to sign in, my main problem is my current computer problem on my windows 10, but thanks I will fix it this or maybe howtogeek can because I don’t know how or why two are logging in at the same time. I am just logging in using my email address and google cause that is getting me logged in. But I haven’t got the help for my window 10 problem I am running chkdsk /R in did to see if I can restore it earlier.


It’s no problem. Just use the Google button going forward.

On your computer issue… have you looked at the Clean Install article that Paul recommended?


Yes I did and I am not sure what to do because my backup drive failed because I have the window 7 backup on there that the computer came with and shadow copy and all my files on there. So there isn’t enough room.

Also I have the W7 installation disc to. I’m thinking I can still go back to W7 if this is not gonna work this Win 10. So I tried to go back to an earlier W 10 restore point on 7/22 but got an error message saying it couldn’t restore it to the W10 restore point and to run chkdsk /R so I did that.

So I am going to try to a restore point again, but first I clicked on optimize the w7 hard-drive that I couldn’t backup to and it is taking along time. I hope its not changing my w7 to w10 files.

I never had an optimize take this long. Anyway after that I will restore to an earlier date now that chkdsk is done. That update KB4505903 messed up everything and now the uninstall button is missing from uninstall and I can’t uninstall it to use the start button.

Do you have any idea why the uninstall button hides when I click on the update to uninstall it? Because of that I don’t want to install anymore updates coming in and there is a new one ready to download.

I have uninstalled this update 3 times already and now the uninstall button is missing. Like Microsoft is preventing me to uninstall it for the forth time, but I need my start button to work and Edge and notifications all messed up because of this update. I have to work to make money on my PC.


Uh oh, it’s very possible you have fallen victim to bad guys who now own your PC.

As far as I know there are no good guys who provide free Windows support including remotely accessing your PC. Every time I’ve heard about free Windows support guys what they actually were doing is planting spyware and malware and hoping to make money either by using your PC’s internet bandwidth, processing power, or stealing your personal information.

I’d wipe the hard drive and do a clean install to be sure the PC is clean. An additional benefit is that as long as there isn’t a hardware or Win10 hardware driver problem, a clean install will usually fix odd problems like you’re describing.


Well how can that be when I got help through the How can I help you. Assistant on the Window 10 program? Also I cant do anything until I make a recovery usb flash drive and I have one coming from Amazon today so nothing can be done right now until I make that disc, drive or whatever . I guess they don’t use recovery disc or boot disc anymore and only use the flash drive because that is what it wants me to copy too. Maybe because of the now needed size and discs don’t have the memory anymore. I am not downloading the next set of updates until after I make a recovery drive to boot from.


And now three So I am putting my picture on all of them so you know its me the same person is there anyway to change the user name so I can sync visually. lol as of right now I am rkgeekville, cdell, and Rhonda Dorville it all depends what logo is available to sign in on because the write in login is not working.


Anyone can use the built-in remote assistance including bad guys who want to take over your PC. I’ve used it to help friends and family remotely.


I got help through the call me back assistance in the Windows 10 program. Are you saying they could be spies?


I’ve never heard of Microsoft giving free support that includes a technician, and then supervisor, spending time on a remote connection to a non-paying users PC. It’s certainly possible they have started giving away this usually expensive service but I’ve not heard about it.

I have no idea what that is, is it a program that come pre-installed on Windows 10?
If yes, what is the name of the program so I can learn about it.


Well I don’t know what but have you ever made a copy of files on a flashlight with W10? A Recovery file so you can reboot also I am getting an error when I click on some of my shortcut saying the registry path is invalid. I tried using the deployment image service managemnt tool in the power shell and ran a few cleanup codes and was able to repair something I have never been able to fix before and it was succesful as far as the online image health cleanup but I am not sure what others to use and I did get some usage back but still no start button. The registry path is messed up in half of my desktop shortcuts. I I have four browsers but I dont really use any of them except chrome and the default is Edge thats not opening either.


Get help is the name of the Windows 10 Program that you wanted to know you start by talking to the virtual agent and you start speaking with chat then if needed you get a callback or call a number for the tech,
Its in the start menu.
And I reset my computer and it is working again I had to take a leap of faith and just do it but my user quest acct doesnt work but every thing else does. but that KB4505903 is going to want to install again. So I guess there is no getting around it and your just supposed to reset every time. Because they fixed the problem It was Edge using 6809000 in processes and they suspended its usage for better performance. It was like having your foot on a gas pedal. That is too much for my PC to run on.


Thanks for the information!