Windows 10 Activation Notification After Update


At least so far today two of my computers are asking for activation (been using them for months) both are Dell with their corresponding OS image (no key)…

Do you have any idea what could be happening ?

It seems it was caused by an update… help…

Finally got a hold of MS Support and it seems they are having issues with their validation servers…I was told that the issue is widespread and they are working on the issue, no ETA and if the problem is still showing on the computers to call back in 24 hrs…


I am afraid to boot my machine into Windows when I get off work later on ever since I read about this on reddit this morning. Looks like it may be Linux for the next few days and possibly indefinitely if the problem continues.


From Ars Technica:


So far my Win 10 Pro license seems to be still activated. It’s a retail edition so I don’t know if it was affected by the deactivation bug. Let’s hope Microsoft fixed this thing before it gets worse.



As of yesterday night both computers that had the issue of ACTIVATION as been resolved on it’s own. Seems it did take about 24hrs to resolve.