Win7 Taskbar Won't Hide


I’ve read the “fixes” ie. Taskmgr end Explorer process, but have not seen an explanation for this:
**Whenever taskbar refuses to hide I see two explorer processes running; the 1st with a large memory use and a 2nd with a smaller.
**If I end the larger, the entire desktop will disappear.
**If I end the smaller the open folders icon will disappear, but the desktop icons will remain, and I won’t need to restart Explorer.
**Is there an explanation as to what generates the 2nd Explorer process and why it breaks "Hide/Unhide?

  1. Open Task Manager. …
  2. Go to Processes tab, find explorer.exe, right click it and end the process. …
  3. Go to File in Task Manager, then click New Task (Run…) …
  4. Enter explorer in the window that comes up, and click ok.


I don’t recall a time when two explorer processes would be running.

Have you tried running a system file check?