Win 10 Pro Permissions


I bought the damn thing, I live alone, I am the only one to use it.

Why do I have to “permission” to open files on my own computer?
It’s a pain in the butt.

Is there a way to stop this foolishment? and get "permission " to use all the files?
all the time?


I think you should contact the center where you bought your computer. It looks that your computer was used before.


Really ?? - And why, exactly, do you think suppose that’s true ?



You may need to configure your permissions in Windows 10.

Below is a link to a tutorial on how to access and take ownership of apps and files in Windows 10.

Follow the step-by-step instructions and see if this helps - and keep us apprised as to your results.


What folders and files do you want to access?
In Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 there are restrictions on accessing and writing folders and files for very good reasons.

Most things in C:\Windows don’t have write access to anyone but the OS (The user “System” or the user “TrustedInstaller” are the owner of these files) to avoid users or apps from removing or changing system files required for the OS to function properly.

The C:\Program Files and C:\Program Files (x86) folders only allow write access to users and apps with Administrative Privileges, this is done to prevent the user or apps from removing or changing the files in installed apps but unlike the system files, you can get write access fairly easily if you need it but you shouldn’t need to as the app installer/uninstaller that run with Administrative Privileges should handle any need to add, change or remove files from there.

The folders C:\ProgramData and C:\Users have various permissions to disallow users without Administrative Access to write or sometime read certain folders, also the profiles in C:\Users usually only allow access to the user the profile is for or users with Administrative Privileges.

It’s important to point out that using the take ownership feature on some system folders and files can cause the OS to not function properly.

It’s best to use other ways of adjusting permissions like going to the properties of the folder or file and use the security tab to allow full access to your user account.

There are folders and files that will not let you even change the permissions unless you use the “Take Ownership” feature but in those cases, it’s usually done for a very good reason and altering the ownership is more likely to cause the OS to not function properly.


Thank you for the answer. I’m not a true computer Geek, by any definition.
I’m just a guy who has been playing around with these things for a while.
Most of the time, I can get “permission” to do what I want, some times NO. I can usually understand why I’m refused permission. Mostly It just promptly gives me a case of the jaws when I have to go through all the unnecessary crap to get permission to enter a file. I think there should be a way to read and change all files except the ones that I am going to be denied even after all the crap.
I understand the geniuses who build these things don’t want some ignorant redneck hillbilly to go messing with really important stuff but I can not understand why I have to go to all the time and nerve wasting foolishment to get into a file that is not so important.

I kinda guess I just get mad about the words used. I didn’t borrow the thing. I didn’t lease it. I paid for it, and when somebody tells me I have to “Take ownership” and/or “get Permission” before I can look at something I have paid for, I just get mad.

I appreciate you trying to help and I apologise for ranting at you.


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Thank you for understanding.


Yeah, I understand that view but when you understand why the permissions are set the way they are and understand the reasoning behind them, you realize that the overall security of their OS is better with those permissions set the way they are.

If a rouge program or malware is running with limit access then they will not be able to change any OS critical files, the system configuration, and the installed apps.

Unfortunately, looking at the permissions with understanding why they are set that way can lead to being confused and frustrated

Some of the NTFS file permissions were the same on Windows XP but it defaulted to making users with Administrative Privileges unrestricted by a User Account Control (UAC) system as it’s didn’t exit at the time so in effect the permissions had no effect when using the default accounts and such so consumers never really had any issues with permissions because of that.

Also Windows XP supported using the FAT32 file system for the system drive and the FAT32 file system has no support for file permissions so any user regardless of Administrator Privileges could view and change anything on the system drive if that file system was used…

Windows 95, 98, 98SE and ME only supported FAT32 as their file system and those OSes also besides no file permissions, those OSes had no security at all.

Any user that upgraded from those to Windows XP would just be upgraded the OS on the system drive so the file system remained as FAT32 for those users.

Windows Vista and higher only allow NTFS for the system drive, locked down permissions even more, introduced the UAC system and such so it was way more secure then any of those versions in Windows XP.
Which unfortunately, meant that it wasn’t possible to upgrade a Windows XP system to Windows Vista.
Your only option was to backup your data, do a clean install of Windows Vista and restore the data.

One of the top issues people had an issue with on Windows Vista was the UAC dialogs and the locked down file permissions…
Followed by it being slower on older hardware, something that improved significantly with Windows Vista SP1 and Windows Vista SP2.

Not a problem, I don’t think you were really ranting much at all, you were just trying to understand how something worked.
There are users posting to this forum with long rants about stuff and they don’t necessary want to know why something is the it is, just how to make the software work how they think it should work.