Win 10 Oct. update


Another after update problem. Now it does not allow you to connect an Android phone via usb. It will not detect the device. You can link a newer version Android via the phone app. How can a person plug in and access a phone now?


I just plugged one of my Android phones into my updated Win10 Pro PC (version 1809 build17763.292) for the first time in many months and it still connected as usual.


There is no such issues with me.There may be problem with plug-in,just check it .


I am using Home version win 10 1809 and it is not working for me. It was fine before the update. I tried a Samsung, LG, Kindle Paper-white E reader. None connect.


In case anyone is interested I stumbled across the issue for this problem. I was using a 12 inch usb cable to connect the devices. I switched to a 32 inch cable and it solved the issue. Go figure.


I discovered the problem if you would like to read the post.