Win 10 help @ Microsoft is no help


My HP laptop (a year old, original OS WIn 10 home) recently updated (that problem filled roll out for October) and now my previously inactivated touch pad operates in unison with my USB wifi mouse. I tried for two hours to deactivate and uninstall the driver and the device but it always reloads during the required reboot. I used the online help at Microsoft today, two guys with foreign names and spent 3 hours going around and around the same stuff I already tried so the predictable result was - no change. They decided to run the restore utility and when it was done, same results. Of course they attempted this procedure again and still no joy. If Microsoft can’t fix this problem - one their ineptitude caused - why should I continue trying their helpdesk. I suggested escalating this problem and that was when the second guy came in and did the same stuff that had failed to work the first two times between my own attempts and those of the first MS help desk guy. No small wonder that this problem exceeds their knowledge - I worked in computer support for almost 30 years and I couldn’t fix it. These guys are a year or two out of school with hardly any working experience, because that is what MS hires to do this job.

I have attempted every fix I could find but nothing is going to work on this. I think I will just make a pad of pasteboard that covers the whole touchpad and buttons and put it in place with electrical tape. I never use the touchpad because it does weird things when I type - that is why I disabled it early on. I am tired of trying to fix MS’s mistakes.

There is no fix for an inherently broken system. Unless anyone here can come up with a better idea, I am going to implement the physical barrier approach to prevent the dmned touch pad from causing any more mayhem.

Why do the customers of Microsoft accept this kind of behavior from this corporation? The way they behave, we are merely a pathway to our bank accounts. They do what they want to every platform running their OS without regard for the effect it has on the machine in question and by virtue of that every person who uses their OS. Microsoft should be penalized for this roll out of buggy software. They can’t even fix this mess, that much is apparent. Perhaps it is time to get the FTC and/or the courts involved. Their attitude is basically “I don’t care if my product denies you the service of your hardware.”.

They need to be made to rescind the update and provide each customer with an un-modified version of the OS that works. Their obviously cavalier attitude about all of this is unacceptable.

P.O.'ed in Michigan


You should be able to disable the touchpad through the dedicated software. I work on Dell’s a lot and they have the software available through their website, I would think HP would have something similar.

Have you looked at this?