WiFi smart home reliable or not


I bought a number of smarthome devices like koogeek Light switches and bulbs, and LIFX bulbs and they “work”

I can connect them and control all of them for a while until something goes wrong with my network. I connected 3 TP link Deco P7 and only used the 2.4Ghz network as access point and hard wired it to the main router to make sure even if I lose the internet my WiFi network still works… I guess it is still not fool proof as something I lose my WiFi network for a reason or another even if I lose the electricity for any reason the whole “smarthome” goes to shambles… a good number of switches do not reconnect once everything is back and I have to set it all lover again and where I live this happens a lot…so basically I have expensive smart switches that operate like a normal switch for most of the days and for the rest I spend my time resetting and building my home in the smart phone.

My question if I may ask is this normal? Are Wi-Fi enabled smart devices very sensitive and once you lose the network I have to go through the pain of setting up the full system again? And what can I do to make it work basically not having to reconfigure all the devices very often?

My network

  1. Main router : TP link archer VR600
  2. WiFi network: TP link Deco P7 (3 pieces) the main one is hard wired to the router and I use this as my internal WiFi network
  3. Phone: iPhone X
  4. Hub: Apple TV 4 and iPad as a backup
  5. light switches all koogeek
  6. 2 light bulbs koogeek
  7. 1 light bulb LIFX


I think it’s going to depend on the quality of the equipment. I use Philips Hue switches and lights, Amazon Alexa smart outlets, and an Amazon Echo to control everything. I have not had any problems like this. When WiFi does go down or power goes out, things connect back up just fine when power is restored.

I think you maybe just need better smarthome hardware.


ok. I will need to try several different hubs and different


Not an expert by any means, but I’ve been reading that more and more ‘smart’ gadget makers are making their products compatible with either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant (and sometimes both) - making proprietary hubs unnecessary. Hubs by themselves can lock you into a particular makers - which seem to go in and out of business…


yeah, but then you will find that these things require Internet connectivity to operate, which is a bad idea.

The tech that Hue is based on, for example, is entirely local. It’s not even WiFi - you can operate without a WiFi network at all. I much prefer that over solutions that require 24x7 Internet access, since Internet is not totally reliable.


While truthfully, I can’t even remember that last time my internet connection conked out – I just know it’s years ago! – I can certainly appreciate the royal pain it will be when the time comes to deal with resetting various ‘smart’ devices. It’s one reason why I remain hesitant (the other two factors being cost and compatibility).

I have just two smart bulbs and one smart plug as of now… But if I should have much more than that down the road, I think I would go with Google Assist…


Well on my part of the world I VDSL and really the internet is horrible… at the moment I am using Apple environment but will receive An eco dot gen3 which is the first outside my Apple eco system. Voice commands will be limited as it needs reliable internet but as long as the system itself works fine I am happy. This is my first attempt but from what I hear maybe it is better to go with the Zigbee or any radio wave controlled device and just have a couple of hubs linked to the access points but not sure I can keep my Apple eco system