Wifi/repeater speed


Just a question about my setup…I went from an N 2.4 DSL router/modem using a strictly 2.4 N Linksys RE2000 repeater and N wifi card to a new AC IQrouter, Linksys RE6800 repeater and an AC wireless card. Now, if I have it set right, I’m getting 5.0 AC mode on my laptop instead of 2.4 N.
My question is, when I had strictly N speeds I had rock steady 144Mpbs…now my speeds varies, sometimes by the second, between 433 and 866Mbps. Because of the crappy DSL speed it doesn’t matter a whole lot but I’m just interested to know if this is normal or something is malfunctioning. Aarpy


What are you using to measure the speed?

5.0Ghz has a shorter range, but just like 2.4Ghz the speed depends on similar factors like distance, objects the signal passes through, and interference from other wireless devices…although 5.0 should have a lot less interference from other devices than 2.4 would.


This is normal. At higher frequencies, radio waves have less penetration. So your network adapter on your computer is constantly re-negotiating with your access point to get the best speed possible for conditions.

Since your devices are probably on the edge of having enough signal strength for the 866Mbps rate, the devices are bouncing back and forth.

As long as you’re reliably getting at least 433, I wouldn’t worry about it. If you find the back and forth negotiation is causing issues, you can sometimes configure your network adapter to force a slower speed, so it doesn’t waste time switching back and forth.


WOW! Thanks, guys, for the super prompt replies. I had purchased both the card and repeater off eBay and wasn’t sure if they were working correctly. Thanks again…Aarpy


Thank you :+1:. Your tips helped me with a similar issue.