Why download links if clicked , asked me save as html

Hi, if i click a download innk of a old movie, it normally would open as save as box and i would save it , as the save as file type would be mp4 which is playable.
Sometimes, when i click the link , it opens save as box, but save as type remains firefox html.
would experts enlighten on this

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That sounds like the link is for the webpage you are on rather than the movie itself. Try right-clicking on the link or the movie thumbnail to see of you are offered the “Save Video” or “Copy Video Location” options, if the latter then paste that link into a new tab and you should be able to download from there.

Hi on right clicking and select save video as,gives me save as html .
Sometimes video plays and right click goes to the same html
Clue and solution please

In the save dialog, click on the drop-down menu below the file name and select

All Types

then change the .html to .mp4 and see if that works.

Few movie sites or other download sites have hidden links on these type of buttons and ads. some times you have to click 2-3 times and then you are redirected to original (destination)URL. They just want to earn from more clicks.

I am surprised that you haven’t shared the link yet, why don’t you share the link. I will check if there is any link to download any movie or they are just fooling people.