Why do you really need a VPN? Does it really protect your online information? Is it effective against hacking?


So, I have been using VPN for about 3 months now on a recommendation of a friend, but I really can’t make any sense out of it. Is it really necessary? Does it really protect you from hacking?


Do you know how VPN works?


I am not going to say anything, look by yourself :slight_smile:. Here’s a detailed article from TechNet - How VPN Works. Here’s another HTG article you might find interesting too - What Is a VPN, and Why Would I Need One?

Hope it helps. I’ll look forward to your reply.


It really depends on what you are looking to be protected from.

viruses / malware. No.

A VPN changes your endpoint or Public IP and encrypts the traffic between you and that endpoint.

This is useful if you are concerned about the security or confidentiality of the internet provider. whether that be your home ISP or public wifi. If you connect to the starbucks or hotel wifi, then proceed to do some banking, you’re asking for trouble. A VPN would work well here. Or if you are doing something nefarious and don’t want your ISP to know about it.

One thing to note. With a VPN you are only changing WHO you are trusting as your endpoint.

Hope this helps!


I think it depends on your requirement I’m using an Express VPN to feel free secure browsing and access some blocked content to banned in countries.Well, it’s a right to VPN Secure your connection.


Well, the answer to your question is quite an elaborative one, so I would recommend you to go through this article. Moreover, VPNs till now have proven to be quite an effective tool for protecting one’s online privacy and security. Journalists all over the world use it to evade unwanted surveillance and travelers use it to secure their Wifi. There are multiple uses of it, so it is quite an effective tool.


Thanks this really helped.


Nice helpful article


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