What Wi-Fi Setting Do I Use?


Hello: I got a LG305C cell phone but I can’t connect to Wi-Fi. It is a “B/G” and have a “N” router. According Set to Mixed and set to IP/DNS Static. It tries to connect and reads connecting, but it never connects… I got a Linksys Router N300 E1200 According to Linksys Mixed should cover B/G and N. Must be some other setting. Any suggestions. I don’t know much about Wi-Fi .
Any help will be appreciated!


The following article has the basics.


IP/DNS to static? That should probably be DHCP.


Larry I tried at first setting the IP/DNS setting to DHCP . IT didn’t even try to connect. On static it did try to connect (says connecting but doesn’t connect.)
Think of something else let me know, Thanks


Beginners guide needs more information. I read it but it didn’t help!


Well if you are going to try the static setting then you need to do it properly, login to the router and set a reservation so that the phone picks up the same IP address each time. You will need the MAC address of the phone in order to set a reservation.


Did a little Google searching and this 2014 model phone appears to be notorious for not being able to reliably connect to WiFi.

This thread elsewhere may help:


Well tried it. .I got MAC address from phone and created a new DHCP Reservation.
When to first screen after signing on. Used my phone name Lg305C the ip number then the MAC number from phone. Saved the settings then tried phone again and it wouldn’t connect. Guess I’ m out price of phone.


It’s a fair bit too early to decide it’s the phone at fault. A few questions -

Have you tried to connect to any other networks?

Have you tried letting the device pick the IP address and what not?

Are you able to get us screenshots of each step you are taking so we can advise if you are doing something wrong? None of these screenshots would give anyone any info that could be used against you. even a neighbour of yours would not be able to access your network with this info, as long as you don’t give us your password. which you should never give to any un-trusted person.

Despite the reports of this phone being unreliable, there’s normally a way to configure such devices that works.


You are probably right. I’m just discussed:) The phone worked at the network of my wife’s bank. Who know what there settings are. My router works with my PC, MY wife Laptop, My Amazon Fire Fire 7 tablet and my wife phone and The Samsung Tablet. But not the LG 305C. Its a shame you can’t just asked LG support. I will think about screen shot suggestion. If I knew what the banks setting are it would be so simple. I am cripple and it difficult for me doing anything. Had a stroke.


here’s a thing, when was the last time you rebooted your router?

pull the plug out, leave it a few seconds, plug it back in. give it a few minutes to reconnect then try again to connect.


That was not so funny MightyGaz.:slight_smile: I’ve reset router a number of times in past few weeks. I’ve I removed my DHCP reservation. I guess I would have to re-enter DHCP info and try a reset of router.


I just solved the problem like Hillary solved her cell phone problem. Here is the hammer back darling.:slight_smile:


From what you are describing, I don’t think changing settings will work. Sometimes, certain devices just don’t like each other.

I once took my laptop to a friend’s house, and nothing I could do would get the laptop on his WiFi. My second laptop and my cell phone worked fine. I finally installed a USB WiFi adapter, and it was all fine.

I’d suggest either exchanging your phone for a different model or seeing if you can use a different router. Maybe even a little $30 travel router just for the phone…


Also tried changing from mixed to b/g. Didn’t help connect with internet. LG replied said to get with server that they didn’t help setting up for internet. Figured. Comcast won’t help unless buy or rent their Gateway combination modem/router. Also read on internet somewhere that some internet providers don’t send out a 5.5 MHZ signal just 25 MHZ for N type modem.
I got a LG328BG phone that works fine. Except no camera - photo or video. Don’t have a setting section to set W-Fi or internet…Works fine:)
By the way last night I was on Facebook on my Facebook personal page and all of a sudden I heard voices. It was two black men doing a rap song. He one alternating their part. Someones working on a machine and got fingers pinched because they didn’t use tweezers. Came in loud and clear. Poor singing though. Lasted a about 3-4 minutes.Won’t let me send a screen shot.


How did you sent the video MightyGaz?


MightyGaz: I reset the router a couple of times last night. Once through the Linksys configuration program and once by unplugging power cord from router. Didn’t help but thanks.


Well men I got the Wi-Fi and internet now. Poor connection but at least that lets my email work. Here’s what I did:

  1. I entered the phone to static
  2. I entered the IP address
  3. I entered the Gateway
  4. I entered the Netmask
  5. I entered the DNS1
  6. I entered the DNS2
  7. I entered the Server IP
  8. Also my phone MAC number
    I also created a DHCP on my Linksys N300 E1500 router. And saved the information. However doesn’t show in list of devices. Don’t know why. Something I don’t understand I about the reserve set up config.
    The Phone has some kind of Browser on it called AirFind. Don’t know nothing about them. Anyway a partial victory.


This my DHCP. I manually added device Log305LG then it shows below in Clients Already Reserved bottom line. Does not show up in top section DHCP table.
Larry what do you think or anyone


That looks good, see if you can check the connection quality. Make sure the phone is connected, then go to the computer, open command line and type:

ping -t

That will give you a nice long readout to see what the response time is and if the connection is timing out at any point.