What’s best options for recording NDI sources?


Hi all! I’m new and learning all these tech things as I go. So any and all help/suggestions are welcome please.

I’m filming a virtual show. All participants are via Skype. I’ve learned how to record the NDI Sources on OBS. I drag the sources into my template so i can save and do final edits. But my first attempt, the playback recording was frozen but the audio continued. From some help I’ve read on the net I’ve ordered an Ethernet cord to cancel out if WiFi was the issue.

Is there another platform I can use instead of OBS for what I’m trying to accomplish? The show is not live. I just need something that allows me to place my participants in the backdrop template. So I can later put on YouTube.

Also I’m using a Mac.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


OBS is probably the best and most widely used since its free.

I don’t know about MAC, but if you were on a PC and have a dedicated video card from Nvidia or AMD you could also use their built-in software to capture video, but it captures the whole screen (or a specific screen if you have more than one screen) rather than specific parts of the screen, so its usefulness would depend on how much of the screen you are trying to capture.