What is this eyeball?


I am seeing this creepy eyeball from time to time in various websites. I assume it means something, but hovering over it does not bring up a flag telling me anything. Does it mean anything?



It looks like a button to temporarily show your password to make sure you typed it correctly.


Yes, it’s the “show password” button. Click and hold that button to show the password you just typed.

This is not supposed to work for saved passwords, so if your browser has saved the password from a previous visit to the site, the eyeball should not work, however, if you’re using LastPass to save password, this can show your LastPass saved password.


It does not function as a button, and yes - I am using Lastpass. I do not want the password to ever be revealed, so this is fantastic. I am glad it doesn’t work, but it made it confusing if you didn’t know what it was.

Thanks for the info. :smiley:


Tiny tip: Hover the mouse cursor over that “Eye”, you’ll get the idea.


Nothing comes up when hovering. The eye does not respond to the mouse in any way.


Correct friend and also great explain about it.


Here is an example. In Gmail, if you hover the cursor over that “eye” it shows “show password” popup.


I finally got the same screen without Lastpass logging me in by signing out of Lastpass. I got your popup. Then I signed back into Lastpass and as soon as Lastpass saw Google, it logged me in and hovering did nothing. So Lastpass must be preventing hovering.

Thanks for the screenshot


Yes. Like i said above, you can’t hover to view saved passwords, only the password you just typed in. This is intentional, because you don’t want someone else sitting down at your computer and snooping all of your passwords.