What games do you guys play?


So the obligatory post in “gaming” is “What do you play?”

What video games do you guys play? Do you play mostly on console, PC, smartphone, or handheld consoles?


Personally, I like driving and flying simulation games like Microsoft Flight Simulator, X-Plane (IMO the best flight sim ever for PC’s), and even heavy equipment simulators like Construction Simulator and Farming Simulator.

I also enjoy a good FPS, but it’s got to be unique to catch my interest. I’ve played through all the Borderlands games, and I’m eagerly awaiting Destiny 2. I like Overwatch, even though I’m not very good at it (although I live for the couple of weeks that Lucioball is available.)

I also love me a good RPG, even if I have a habit of losing interest before I finish.

What won’t I play? I can’t stand fighting games like Street Fighter, Moral Combat, or Tekken. I also haven’t delved into visual novels, dating sims, or computer card games.

As to my platforms: I primarily play on PC and XBox One.


The only game I play regularly is Freespace 2. I tend to like flight/space sims, but most of them are either really simplistic or too complicated. FS2 is in the sweet spot, and it’s the only space sim with good, smooth controls. All the others I’ve tried are molasses-slow on the lower sensitivity levels, and caffeine-jittery on the higher ones. It’s PC only.


I’m old school, the FPS’s are about all I play. Doom 2016 is currently kicking my butt big time. I play on PC with a 24" monitor, suits me perfectly.


Play a lot of Fallout 4 and Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition on PC with 32" monitor. I like all the mods you can get with these two games.


Also play 3D pinball. If you want to install it, here’s the link. Windows Vista, 7, 8. & 10


My idea of hard core gaming is MS’ 3D Pinball. Even Solitaire is too much for me. :fearful:


Minecraft & Roblox is my favorite game.


Clash Royale mainly on NOX.


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I do not play games, as a gamer would. I play card games, Kmajong, Billiards, Pinball, KBreakout, Gweled, and so on.


I play Battlefield 4 on PC.


The very occasional game of chess. Period.


PC only - currently FO 3 & 4 ~ currently, because I’ve played it so much, I’ve exhausted my interest in FONV. Love the Elder Scrolls. I’ve played Oblivion and Skyrim until I’m through with them for a while. I’ve played all the Civilizations ~ love V and loathe VI. Also play Hearts, Spades and a few other Windows games.


I only play Portal on a PC (Steam)


I’m pretty big on online multiplayer FPS games. Recently been playing Rising Storm(1). I enjoy the action and graphics effects of the battlefield and the competition under a time limit


I have a PS3 that mostly collects dust, unless I’m in the mood for Madden NFL or NCAA Football (all were gifts).

My PC is my preferred platform. I like driving simulators, Sid Meier’s Civilization (IV and V), and (highly modded) Sims 4. Lately it’s mostly Motorsport Manager and (also highly modded) American Truck Simulator. I have around 30 PC games that I still play at times - all sports, driving, and Civ games. I prefer 2K Sports games over EA. And I still occasionally go back to the best game of all time as far as I’m concerned - Blizzard’s Warcraft II Battlefield Net Edition.

I’ve never been a fan of shoot 'em up games which, seems to be what most developers are concentrating on now. :slight_smile:


My favorite are RTS and RTT games like medieval total war, Rome total war etc. or Supreme Commender.

also play FPS: call of duty series quake etc. some realistic driving simulators like ETS2 or Farming simulator, and RPG like overlord 2 or fable. but less than RTS’s

as for online games I play league of legends.

I have hard time playing cards or chess though.

I know these are all somehow ‘old’ games but my PC isn’t brand new either. :slight_smile:


I saw at least one person say he was really Old School, and played FPS games. If that’s Old School, then I must be ancient school - I play NetHack. I first discovered it sometime in the mid 1980’s. It is still being developed and updated - last update was December of 2016.

In all that time, I have only beaten the game 5 times. It is really the MOST difficult game there is. Go to nethack.org to get yours. it’s free and the source code can be found - that’s how I beat it the first few times - reading to code.


He beat NetHack by hacking its source code.

That’s legit. :+1:


Final Fantasy XI!

My Son and I have been playing it since March 2004 (when the North American PS2 verson came out). We bought 2 PS2 with networking, hard drive / game, keyboard, mouse, etc. Later we bought PS3 system with full PS2 functionality.

Today we use it on our Windows systems (him an Alienware 18" laptop and I’m on a Dell T7500 with dual processors).

FFXI is it for me. My Son plays lots of other games on his PS3, though. I’m not sure of all of them, but he spends US$100 or so per month on games.