What browsers can handle up to 1000 tabs open?


I use Pale Moon, and with around 700+ browser tabs open, it uses between 1 and 2 gig of RAM in one process. Sometimes it will get very slow, and I save the session, kill the process, and restart. All good.

If I use Chrome or Firefox, each tab I open has its own process, running from maybe 25meg to about 175meg each. No way could I use 500 tabs with those browsers. Are there any other browsers that run in one efficient process, like PM?

When I’m browsing, I’m often searching for something, and save my results for later. Say I’m searching nationwide for something on craigslist (say a school bus converted to an RV, aka “skoolie”, I know lots of people looking for these.) I scour through the various craigslist pages (using searchtempest.com) and I open each bus I find onto its own tab. If I find 125 buses, that’s 125 tabs open. Just one search. Periodically I’ll redo my search, and add new finds to the tab collection. I’ll check all the tabs, and some ads will say sold, others expired. I’ll sort by asking price, and anytime anyone asks me about buses for sale, I can find the current nationwide “inventory” quickly. I haven’t figured out a faster, easier way to do this with bookmarks. How would I check to see that the price hasn’t dropped, on a bookmarked bus? Or sold or expired? I have to have it open to check it out. Maybe if there were some sort of tab group that could be bookmarked and closed as a group, then reopened later as as a group? Added to and then closed as a group again? Not sure.

I’m currently having trouble with Pale Moon, it doesn’t open all sites for me correctly (for example, indeed.com doesn’t render correctly, it shows up with zero images or CSS, just raw HTML, bulleted lists, and search boxes. Other browsers see the correct CSS site with tons of active JavaScript features running.

Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated.

Scott in Snowflake AZ


You can group different favorites into a folder in your favorites.

The easy way to “close as a group” would be to start with a new browser window separate from your other tabs when you are getting ready to open all your tabs. Then you right-click on the folder with all your relevant favorites and “open all”.