What age range are you in? A get to know you question


I’m curious what the age range of the various forum regulars are.
When I first joined the forums around 2007 or so (when the forum software was I think bbPress before the Discourse software was created and used), I was in my early 20s when Windows Vista had just come out as a major upgrade to Windows XP.
Now I’m in my early 30s.

60s era computers

I’m 67. I had some experience of IBM desktops and MSDOS in the mid 80’s (when 512K RAM, 1.2 MB floppy and 40MB Winchester were top-of-the-range specs) but did not take up computing again until 2011 with my first Windows 7 laptop.


Hi. I’m in my 81st year and began working on computers around 1962 with the IBM 7090 and the Burroughs B5500 both punch card input machines, a lot of work on the Honeywell 6000 and have progressed through many hardware versions and improvements up to my Windows and Android computers of today. It has been a great ride.
I have programmed in many languages starting by wiring punch boards for the IBM 704 through many languages like Assembly, Fortran, Cobol, Algol, C etc, etc, etc.
Now I pretty much relax and help folks around me here in Northeast Iowa enjoy their computers more by helping them out when they get in trouble with their Windows and Android computers and phones. And NO I don’t do iStuff!

60s era computers

first option gang
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