Welcome to the HTG Discussion Forum (Read First)


The How-To Geek discussion forum is the official place to discuss anything of a geeky nature. Technology, of course, but you can also start a discussion about related topics, assuming they are at least somewhat geek related.

What is This Forum About?

The short answer is Geekery. In all its forms. Is that a real word?

That means that you can come here and talk about anything geek related that you would like, engage your fellow readers, and start a new discussion of your own. For instance, if you wanted to talk about:

  • Anything technology related - how to get started with a Raspberry Pi, why you prefer Android over iPhone, or how to find all images over a certain size and compress them with a single line of bash script. It’s all good here.

  • Geek Life - you could talk about whether that certification will help you get a better job, explain why the moon landing was fake, or explain that the laws of thermodynamics mean zombies are impossible and the Walking Dead is wrong.

Those topics would be exactly the type of thing that we want to have a discussion about.

Of course, there are some things that are off-topic and not allowed at all. Topics like these:

  • Sex, Religion, Politics, Racism, and Hate will get you warned and eventually banned.

But you wouldn’t be one of those people, would you?

Before Creating New Computer Help Topics, Please…

Make sure that you take a look around before just starting a new topic - there’s a good chance that somebody else has already asked the same question.

  • Please search before opening a new topic, as someone might have already created the topic you want to open. Note that we do search on your behalf as you compose a new topic, too.

  • When creating a topic, be sure to select the correct category so it is easier to find. It is OK to leave category blank if none feel applicable.

  • Make sure to be very descriptive in your topic, and give it an accurate title. If you just post “mah puter is broke”, we can’t and won’t help.

Things to Avoid Doing

  • Please do not use signatures on your posts. Each post should be about the conversation.

  • Do not post affiliate links in posts. Nobody else will appreciate them, and you will be flagged by other users.

  • Please do not spam us with your web site link. Nobody appreciates people who sign up and then spam their software immediately without contributing. There are some exceptions, but you should first email us to ask if you can.

  • Please do not act like a troll. People posting nonsense, demonstrably false statements, propaganda, or inflaming other people repeatedly for no reason will be warned and then banned. This is meant to be a civil discussion area.

Creating Avatars

If you want a pretty avatar to go along with your regular forum account, you can either sign up for Gravatar with the same email account you used for the forum, or you can simply go into your profile, edit Preferences, and add the image there.

Creating Posts with Special Formatting

Discourse has a lot of great features, and we will eventually write up an entire guide to using it. For now, the important things are embedding images, links, and videos.

Onebox Embedding

If you want to embed a video, just put it on its own line in the editor, like this, and it will automatically embed.

You can use the same trick for images, or for links to Wikipedia, StackExchange, and many other sites that support the open graph protocol. For other sites, you can just add a regular link. If you don’t want to embed the item and would prefer to link to it instead, select some text and use the link button on the menu.

Embedding Images

You can add images by simply dragging and dropping the image file straight into the editor window, or even by Ctrl+V pasting a screenshot over (works in Chrome, at least).

Using Emoji

You can use emoji to express yourself - just type a space followed by the colon character, and a popup will appear to help you add symbols like these: :smile: :sunny: :necktie: :new: :earth_americas: :icecream: :octocat:

For a full reference, check out the Emoji Cheat sheet - you can just click on the one you like and the code will be copied to the clipboard.

Help Improve the Community (Even Without Replying)

You don’t have to reply or create new topics to help improve the community - you can use the Like buttons to let people know when they wrote a good post, and you can flag posts that you find offensive or spammy.

Of course, we are very interested in what you have to say as well, so don’t stop yourself from joining the discussion.

Discourse is early beta software

The How-To Geek Discussion forum is powered by Discourse, which is in an early beta. There will be bugs. You must use a modern browser to participate. Internet Explorer 8 just won’t work.

So go forth, and conversate. Just remember to be nice to each other.

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