Wallpaper image's quality gets worse (win 10)


my .jpeg image file quality keeps getting bad, i tried lots of things, i tried doing all the steps in the " Windows 10 Compresses Your Wallpaper, But You Can Make Them High Quality Again " page but the problem persisted.
the original file is a “gif” even though it’s a 1 frame gif, so, basically an image, being 500 x 329 (pixels), i converted it to .jpeg (after doing the steps in that help page) still with dimensions 500 x 329 (pixels) but it only got like 1% better, i re-sized the .jpeg file to 1641 x 1080 (pixels) and it only got like more 1% better. i don’t know what to do now (i think it’s worth saying that the original file [ .gif 500 x 329 {pixels}] was a frame i extracted from a animated gif with also 500 x 329 [pixels] dimensions. i can send they if that helps, just let me know)


There are different levels/qualities of compression with jpeg’s, and once they are compressed you can’t make the quality better unless you start over with the original high quality image. If you are starting with a small low quality gif, you aren’t going to make it any better with software, and resizing it to a larger resolution will only make it worse.

When you are doing picture editing you want to start with the highest quality, highest resolution image that you can.