Voice recorder in windws 10



i am still using windows 7 and depend on and rely heavily on sound recorder to easily record system sound direct from the PC (not via a microphone)
as i understand it in windows 10 its called voice recorder and depending on what articles you read users are either “hit or miss” in their ability to record the same way as windows 7 via the stereo mix feature. it seems to work for some and not for others?

for those more tech savvy whats the definitive word on this?
is it sound card/driver specific
will windows 10 updates wipe it out if it does work

another unfortunate case of windows 10 taking something that worked great and messing it up.



I believe this isn’t necessarily something that Microsoft would be taking away from computers, but rather it would be dependent on your sound card and driver software.

There are other software solutions you can use these days to record system sound so that you no longer need a dedicated sound card, it just depends on what exactly you are trying to capture. Have you tried Audacity?


I’ve heard nothing but positive things about Audacity.
yes, i would like to get into it at some point but for the moment sound recorder in 7 is so quick and easy.

for an eventual computer upgrade whats a good and capable sound card to choose?



I suppose it depends on what you want to do, but I haven’t used a dedicated sound card for years. If I need something done that the onboard sound can’t do by default I will look for a software solution instead of a hardware solution.