VLC won't convert video files


I used your tutorial here to convert YT video to MP3:

When I’ve finished the procedure, VLC plays the audio, presumably from the URL, because the MP3 file is actually empty.


hi, did you correctly followed the procedure.
is the file video you refer is from a streaming web site or downloaded video.
There is some miss in the process.
i have done and found the procedure successful if you do not miss any step.
from straming videos, or play videos and then select convert save and then supply the url there in the top url tab, and then select yourdestination folder and then select mp3 from the drop down menu in format. once done, the video closes and a blue progress will give you the progress of mp3 format and then on finishing, you could open your saved location. you will find the audio form of video file.


Win 7 SP!
It was a video with a regular URL, no streaming, and I followed all the steps exactly. No blue progress bar. I tried it with several videos, but the MP3 files were empty


No regular streaming but normal url
Could not understand
Is it a download video or available video.
The process is slightly different.
Please confirm if it is streaming or just a video.
Streaming is video played in website being played by vlc and converted to mp3


They’re the URLs of videos on Youtube, for example

They’re not playing while I’m using VLC. I’m following the exact procedure in the tutorial. (I put the URL in here, but Geek linked it. How do I give you the URL?)
In the designated destination, the file created has 0 MB.

I think there are other programs online that I can use to do this.


Hi, i have not asked the exact url . I just asked for rul or saved file.
When i click the link, it shows no video url in youtube.
If that is only example url you posted, then ok.
i could play vido file in vlc media player by follwog the procedure and also could save the file, if the video is not copyright video


Facing same issue here. Help is appreciated.


I believe there was a copyright issue. Thanks to all who helped.


Any update??? I am still searching for some proper solution.


Hey, Winston, I posted it only 5 days ago.

I’m using a program called Youtube to MP3 Converter. Of course not on any copyrighted videos.
There’s also a similar online program: https://y2mate.com/youtube-to-mp3