Updating a Dual boot Win7-XP by replacing Win7


As shown in the topic I want to replace the 2nd winXP volume with a new win7 Ultimate. After all working well I would then delete old win7 volume and and add the space to new install. I do not want to delete both & then install as I would like to have a working system for help if it should fail

I understand that the dual boot mgr. on my current system is stored on xp and not win7, which means I would not be able to boot back up to new install as it would not have a boot mgr to use as it would been deleted with xp.

I know the new 7 install would write a new one, but it would not setup the dual boot mgr correctly this way. I thought about adding the new 7 over the old 7, but read it would still loose the boot mgr. Would appreciate any advice for getting this done.


Backup both systems using;

Install VisualBCD editor from https://www.boyans.net/DownloadVisualBCD.html and install on win7

Use it to set up new boot menu

Backup Win7 again;

Install new system


Thanks for the quick response. I have downloaded the files you listed & will go at it… Just to let you know, I’m 82 but I’m still an active PC nut. Been at it since the late 80’s, but the beginnings of early dementia are a real pain in th butt ! Thanks again