Unneeded BIOS Update


I recently had a small sound issue on my computer and spoke with HP. The first time was Sunday, Feb. 17 and all seemed well. Issue remained the next morning. Called HP again and this time a tech did some tweaking and then decided to do a BIOS Update which went through the process and then the screen froze black with the HP logo and would do nothing. After a very long week of hassles I found out that he should have never run the BIOS Update as my computer is now unbootable. My data did a backup prior to this but after the fact is not to be found on a new computer from the Norton recovery. Would that have deleted all my files or, if it can be repaired by HP which they agreed to do, will my data/work still be there? Or can it be fixed at all? This is devastating to say the least. Thanks for any help!


If what you called a backup was on the hard drive of the the PC you were backing up, it was not a real backup at all and sadly your data may be completely lost. A backup is copying files to a disk, server or other media that is outside of the PC or can be disconnected from the PC.

I am not familiar with Norton Recovery but everything useful that Norton products can do, are done as well or better and for free using tools built-in to current versions of Windows.

Since HP caused the problem you should let them try to fix it but be aware that since your backup of data was not on removable media the data is quite likely gone. (I say quite likely because there is a very tiny possibility that whatever you used for backup put your files somewhere and you just don’t remember where it said it would store the data)


Being a novice at backing up files, I did back up the majority of them on an external hard drive or USB. What I didn’t realize was I thought that’s why I had Norton backup which would run itself and did. Why then was I using Norton for this? I thought they could be retrieved from the hard drive as long as it was still functioning which it is. The BIOS Update HP performed prevents it from booting up. HP did agree to ship it to their repair center. The files I believe were originally supposed to be saved on the c-drive. I apologize for my little knowledge on this area. From this experience it appears I have to do an external backup for everything. I guess I don’t understand the point of backing up anything online. I do appreciate what you’re saying and understand it. I would hope HP, knowing the situation, would bother to send it to repair. But we’ll see I guess. A horrible thing to happen when you have so much work you did but it was my own fault.

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A borked BIOS/UEFI update isn’t going to affect the hard drive, but it certainly can brick the motherboard.

Now if you shipped the entire system off to HP, they may decide to wipe the hard drive and reinstall Windows, in which case you would lose the data. However if they just replace the motherboard (or even the BIOS/UEFI chip itself), then your data would still be intact. It may boot properly on it own, or HP may need to do something to restore the boot sector, but it should otherwise be okay (again, assuming they didn’t reinstall Windows). Once you login you may encounter licensing issues with Windows, but that wouldn’t prevent you from logging in and retrieving the data.

Even if you couldn’t boot to the drive, if it hasn’t been wiped you could still connect it to another computer and browse the drive and pull any data off. The one caveat would be if the drive is encrypted, in that case you wouldn’t be able to access the drive without it’s encryption key.