Unlocked iphone?


how can I tell if my iphone 6 is unlocked? I got mine through costco, and if I go outside of USA, my carrier would charge $15 per megabyte. thanks


Which carrier did you buy it through, and did you pay full price or put it on a payment plan?

The best way to tell is to try a SIM from a different carrier, but it gets confusing in the US, because the big 4 carriers use different frequencies and technologies.

If you got the phone on AT&T, try a T-Mobile SIM. If you got the phone on T-Mobile, try an AT&T SIM.

If you got the phone on Verizon or Sprint, try an AT&T or T-Mobile SIM.

You can also just call your carrier and ask if the phone is subsidy locked. They should be able to provide an IMEI unlock if you’re a customer in good standing with them. I don’t remember the exact rules, but an iPhone 6 should be paid off by now, so there’s no good reason for them not to unlock the phone.


I’m on t-mobile and I got it on payments through costco. apple had no idea if it was or not, so, that’s why I thought I’d ask.


Generally if you are still paying payments then the phone would not be unlocked until you have paid off the phone.