Unix or windows


Hello geek! i have to start programmation but i don’t know which system beetwen Unix and Windows will be good for programation.

I need to have your’s opinion in this subject please.


Which language did you start? Which OS is more attracted to you? I’d suggest to know both world.


The real answer is… “what do you have now?” Write for the operating system you’re going to use.

If you have a Linux PC, get a copy of Eclipse, with compilers for Java and c++, and get a copy of MonoDevelop so you can play with c# and Visual BASIC.

If you have a Windows PC, get Visual Studio 17. The free edition has more tools than any single programmer will need, especially if you’re just getting started.

Also, as a side note the Linux people make a big deal about the fact that Linux isn’t UNIX. The Linux kernel was written from scratch by Linus Torvalds. UNIX was developed by Bell Labs in the late 60s. Linux is UNIX compatible, but calling it UNIX is like calling every photocopier a Xerox. =)