Undo & Re-do shortcut keys in MS apps


Just stumbled across shortcut keys in MS apps, to Undo and Re-do recent actions - I’ve been using these programs for decades, HOW did I not know these? Maybe folks already know, but if not, these are real handy. I’m using old programs - 2003 - dunno if they work in newer versions, but I’m guessing they might. They work in Word and Excel, I’d guess prob others.

Undo = Ctrl-Z
Re-do = Ctrl-Y

Don’t even want to think about all extra keystrokes over all the years! Onward -


I don’t use those but I do often use Ctrl+F since I’m always searching web pages and documents for certain strings of text, makes finding what you are looking for a lot faster…especially if you ever open PDF documents with hundreds of pages.

Windows+L is another handy one to know in a work environment for quickly locking your computer.

A lot of modern mice come with side buttons that default to go back and go forward, really handy for web browsing. My mouse has a few additional extra buttons that I have bound to close tab, and undo close tab; and the third one takes me back to the top of the page.

Having all these mouse buttons plus Ctrl+F makes navigating the web a breeze.