Ubuntu on Windows 10 xdvi "Error: Can't open display"


Just installed Ubuntu on windows 10 through the Microsoft store. Using latex I created a *.dvi file. Upon executing xdvi file.dvi I get “Error: Can’t open display”. Not a clue where to start…


You need a X Server like Xming, VcxSrv, X410 etc.


You are my hero! That fixed it. I followed the procedure here. https://seanthegeek.net/234/graphical-linux-applications-bash-ubuntu-windows/. Thankyou very much.


I’m glad to help :blush: The article you mentioned is a year old but the procedure is same in present. You can experiment with some other X servers. VcxSrv (free and open source) is good for normal use. If you’ve 10$ you can use X410 (optimized for Windows 10) from Microsoft Store: