Trouble with 4.1.5


Using 4.1.5 and suddenly it won’t open jpegs I’ve opened before. I reloaded Windows 10 as well as all my apps. I even got my publisher to send me completely new jpegs of my book cover (the problem jpegs) and binned all the old ones. I still can’t open them. I’ve looked on for help but I keep getting sent to a list of sites that are completely arbitrary. Can anyone here suggest a solution? This is the message I get: problem%20jpgs


The file path in the screenshot seems to be so long. Try to copy any picture in a folder with small path, for example, C:\MyPhotos\FileName.jpg. then open it with Paint[dot]NET.


The “does not exist” is a big clue. It think the apostrophe or commas in the path name are causing the problem. Try renaming the directories so that none of them have any punctuation.


Thank you. I will try that. It does seem odd though as the path name seems huge when the actual file name isn’t long at all.


Hi, I agree, the path name does seem huge. I can open other image files easily. Not sure why this folder is making the file names so long when the real files’ names aren’t that long.


The path limit is 255 characters.

So while you might have a file called ‘cats’

If you have it buried several folders deep, it counts that as part of the path limit and you can run into issues.

So when you look at the message you can see the full path, the folder ELAINE on your desktop is already using up characters for “C:\Users\Elaine\Desktop” before you even click into the ELAINE folder.

If I type that full path into Notepad I can see you are only about 200 characters in, so you should still have some breathing room:


But looking at your screenshot the path in the error isn’t lining up with the location you are at in the background image: Author’s Kit from Tirgearr Publishing WITH medallions 13 2 2019

And remember the name of the file itself counts as part of the path limit.

The other oddity here is the unusual naming of the folder and file AUTHOR~2\HARCOU~2.JPG

That is the type of thing you see in older operating systems like DOS where the names were limited to 8 characters. So the question is where did that file come from and why was it named like that? Not that naming it like that is an issue, but seeing that at the end of the rest of the path just looks out of place.


Did you try temporarily putting your file on the desktop, editing it, and putting it back when you’re done? Hope this helps :slight_smile: