Transfering a MAK volume key to another computer


I bought a new computer with windows 10 home. I want to transfer my hardrives to the new one but I would rather use the windows 10 pro OS. My copy is a MAK volume channel, would I need to deactivate the key on the previous computer to use the key on the new one?

Edit: I do plan on retireing the old rig or possibly selling it.

I made a system restore point, are there any other steps I should worry about before attempting the migration?


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So back to your question:

Yes, you probably should de-activate the license before transferring the hard drives. When you install the hard drives in the new machine, your system’s Activation status will be invalid, and you’ll have to re-activate. Activation should fail if the license is still tired up on a different system.

If you intend to keep the computer and use it it again later, you’d need to purchase a new license. if you plan to dispose of it, then sell it as a “barebones PC” with no license and no operating system.


How do I go about deactivating the key?


I have no idea. I assumed if you had a volume key, you knew how to manage it.

Did you have to do anything special when you first activated it? Where did you get the key?


The key was installed by someone I payed to make an upgrade on the old rig. He got the key from ebay and gave it to me. I had it for months and haven’t had any issues and is still activated to this day. I think I remember the rearm count displaying 1001.


Oh, so there’s no telling whether that key is still valid. Also, I’m not sure that license is actually legal…

anyway, here’s what I was able to find on this:

It looks like, at least for Windows 7, MAKs are not de-activated and returned to a pool. Once used, they’re used. So if you can’t re-activate this license on your new computer, you’ll need to acquire another new key.


So I moved the hardrive with the OS over the new pc, then I booted it and the OS got deactivated as far as drivers went windows 10 handled that no problem, next I try to use the same key that worked on the old pc and it didn’t work.

In conclusion I can still use windows 10 pro and I haven’t noticed anything that I’m held back from but the water mark shows up eventully.


Thanks for letting us know what happened.

This is basically the result I expected; I have a friend who went through the exact same process recently, and he eventually just broke down and bought another cheap key online.

Yes, at this point, Windows is unlicensed, but you can still use it. Certain things, like setting the background, and other customizations will probably stop working, but you’ll still be able to run your programs.