Tonight's @Midnight Show showed an image from HTG


I was watching Tonight’s @Midnight with Chris Hardwick episode (2016.11.02).
Chris mentioned Microsoft and then decided to do the old Microsoft software crashes joke along showing a BSOD Screenshot.
This would not normally be notable except that the image shown was from an HTG article on Blue Screens along with a copy of the HTG Header to show where the image was from.
Screenshot from the episode:


Also the Screen Shot shows the error “MANUALLY_INITATED_CRASH” which is fine for the HTG article but for a Microsoft software crashing joke, it seems a bit ironic (I think, thanks to the internet I’m not sure what the actual definition of irony is).


This is so cool! Thanks for sharing it!


haha… I can see the thread now.

“My computer keeps blue screening. What do I do?”

“What’s the screen say?”


When does this happen?

“Whenever I push the ‘crash test’ button.”

“Then stop doing that.”