Tone controls in Windows 10


Some time in the past, I used to be able to bring up tone controls in Windows. I can’t find them now, even though I have looked in what I consider the “usual places.” Seems to me if I can’t find them, there must be a way to get them back. I don’t use the sound system on my computer very often, but when I do, I would like it to have a reasonable balance between treble and bass. Right now it’s extremely bass-heavy and VERY annoying. I use a Logitech speaker array with two upper-range speakers and a subwoofer. The problem is, at least presently, the subwoofer is really too much.


I don’t believe Win OS comes with tone control built in. But your media player - VLC for example - most likely will have an audio equalizer that you can use.



I am thinking store-bought computers likely have Realtek or somesuch added in - as is the case in the video embedded above. I tried to follow by clicking along, but I didn’t have those features. Mine was installed from an ISO downloaded directly from Microsoft - and the driver(s) were much more bare-boned (just fine with me). So different folks probably have different sound drivers and features - some with equalizers even.


Windows no longer has bass/treble controls built in. Some sound cards do, but there’s no guarantee.
The best thing to use is EqualizerAPO, found here:

This has become a standard too for audiophiles, which will even let you save and export configuration profiles, so you can match the EQ to your specific speaker setup. I use this on all my PCs.


Thanks to all, especially Tom. The equalizer turned out to be the answer. It works great, and definitely changed the sound of the speakers. However, bigger problem now is the fact the left-right speakers seem to be failing (if so, and the woofer is still OK, must be the cross-over) That I can test, too, with the equalizer, so multiple tests at work. And, it may be the answer will be a new set of speakers. The equalizer will be used again to reset my preferences, hopefully to last a while this time.