The Great Chocolate Chase



I would like some help on getting The Great Chocolate Chase game to work on Windows 10. It worked on every windows until 10, then it started to have a square block around the cursor, the screen would blip during play, until it would freeze, forcing me to shut the game down. Usually I have to perform a restart.

I have tried compatibility modes, I have tried contacting Microsoft and bigfish games, who I originally purchased the game from. Both have been completely unhelpful.

If you can provide a solution, please.

Below is a picture of the cursor issue.


The problem is the game is not supported on Windows 10, the newest version of Windows it is supported on is 8.

So if you can’t get it to run properly in compatibility mode then your only other option may be to run it on a virtual machine that is running an older operating system, that might be further than the average computer user would be willing to go.

When you tried to run it in compatibility mode, what settings did you use? Did you try all the different OS’s between XP and 8? Did you try any of the other settings, like running as administrator?


some googling shows this is what happens on windows 10, there appears to be no fix. its 10 years old, i really doubt there will ever be one.


question does this run on wine (for Linux) with out problems?


Given the obscure nature of the game, i’d be surprised if anyone had ever tried.


my research agrees with that


I don’t have linux, so I can’t answer that question.

I have tried all the compatiblity modes, and adminstrator, it presents the same problems.

I do not have a spare license to run a virtual machine.

I only upgraded to Windows 10 because my pc had a GPU problem where it would black screen. A nice company in Brighton rescued it, and suggested going Windows 10, as a previous repair company wiped my system and failed to fix the problem. Fortunately I had backed up all my files. Overall I like windows 10, and the alternative of reverting to 7 as I don’t have a recovery disk for 8, seems drastic.

I have other games I can’t run, but this is the one I miss the most.


Linux does not require a licence
and vmware is free


I understood from other sites that vmware required a spare license.

It is not an obscure game, it had 3 followups that still work, but are different game play, plus a Facebook community game, and I have plenty of other 10 year old games that work just fine.


if you have others, give us a list. some may be fixable, though if they are from bigfish, probably not sorry.


The spare license requirement would depend on which operating system you are installing. Linux wouldn’t need a license, and you could actually install Windows 10 without a license, you would just have a watermark on the bottom right. The older versions of Windows are more picky about a license though.

All games/programs aren’t created equal, so while some older games/programs work fine on new OS’s, others may not work at all, or require significant tweaks to work - and even then you may not get the full experience you are expecting.


win 7 will run but it will not be happy right?


I’ve never tried to install Windows 7 without a license in the past, but I’ve seen when the system has trouble with the license you can still use the OS with a watermark on the bottom right similar to Windows 10.

Hard part might be actually obtaining the ISO to install.


Oh that part is easy. Assuming you have any license key for windows 7

Can even create a usb if preferred.


This product requires a valid product activation key in order to be downloaded.

That’s the nice thing about Window 10, you can install and use it indefinitely without a key, unless they change that in the future.


its to get at the media creation tool, for god knows what reason, as if memory serves the OS starts to be severally limited in what it can do after 30 days.

As for 10, yeah, they’ve done it right this time. I have a retail license for 8/8.1 pro which unlike an OEM license, wasn’t tied to the machine. With 10, the license is now tied to my Microsoft account, so i log in and it activates, and even allowed me to upgrade my laptop, which came with 10 home, to pro, for no cost.


Can I get that on Mac? I loved Chocolatier!