Temporary internet access & pin like Starbucks


Hi all,

I’m running a bakery retail business. I would to let my customer a temporary internet access while they are at my shop so I could provide a free internet access. I don’t have any idea at first until I realised that the Starbucks are using this method.

But I not sure how they do it:

Customers purchase a coffee or anything from the Starbucks, they grant the wifi access pin.

Next time when they come, they have to buy anything in order to get the new wifi access pin.

Anderson Koh


You need to partner with a company that offers WiFi hotspots. I believe AT&T offers a service like this, and other commercial carriers (like your local cable broadband provider) should also have a commercial service like this.

Here is one example: http://www.boingo.com/business-services/


Keep in mind you don’t have to go this route. Many routers allow you to setup a separate guest wireless network, so you can provide a separate password to that to customers, and then if you want to you can just login and change the password every once in a while if you feel people might be abusing it.