Tell me the maximum memory my laptop could upgrade


enclosed here are my specifications. please advise


Go to and run their scanner and it will tell you your max and the different combinations recommended for use. You can either buy some there or with their recommendations check other dealers Such as TigerDirect and NewEgg and amazon.


There is no specific HP model 3618(U1) that I can find doing a google search. The closest I can come to is hp dv3618 (is this your notebook model?). Judging by the speccy summary and the age of the machine, I suspect the max may be 2 or 4 GB but it’s hard to tell without more information on your specific model.


I believe this may be yours. You have 2 slots, currently using 1 with 1 GB. You can buy a set of 2 2gb chips making a total of 4GB max. Be sure to click on “View more compatible upgrades” to see this option.


Hi, xhi thank cli you. i failed to notice that on each clice k on the site a exe file is downloaded and i found aboutgr thirty exes. i scanned and found out the compatible ram. 4 gb is recommended .But is that needed . I am using 2 gb for the pc. laptop rams are called sodimm rams.up
can i upgra de to 2 gb on two slots or 1 4 gb slot.
the original hp spe ofcification is 2gb,1gb, and 512 kb of
PC2-5300, 667 MHz, DDR2

could 4 gb compatible for my mother board and processor. i am little bit confused pl


Based on that information from Crucial, it looks like you can go up 4 GB total. The 4 GB kit listed would bring you up to max ram your machine could take. You system has a total of two Sodim DDR2 slots which can take a maximum of 2GB ram in each slot.


Hi computz thanks. But what those 667 5300 . Should I buy those specified sodimm 2 gb ram each


You can shop around for the best price on that ram. Just make sure that both sticks are PC2-5300 667 Mhz DDR2. Both sticks will need to be 2 GB in size so you get the max of 4 GB total for you machine. Good luck. =)


the same specification not available. but technician added a 2 gb ram of higher mhz.wiill it work smooth
thanks i edited


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hi i have dynamic ip b address . so no problem. i get different ip on each log on. I kindlyask the moderator to delete all the jpgs.


Here i enclose the ram details without ext.ip please say if it is ok


Running 3GB is fine. The preference would be to have two matching pairs, but it isn’t necessary.


Hi, thanks larry. would you elaborate slightly on the power match. Because, i gb not available in the particular 5300. But why summary details not shown when i click the summary tab. It only ilsted the machine default 1 gb particulars, but showing 3 gb on the whole . Is there a bug.


I’m not sure what you mean. Everything looks fine from your last screenshot, do you have a new screenshot to present?