System Restore Startup Task Not Working


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A restore point is created the first time I restart my computer but it doesn’t seem to create any more after that. I restarted my computer several times and each time the task scheduler shows that the operation completed successfully. But when I go to system restore, it only shows one restore point from the first time the computer restarted. Also, when I go to the system protection settings and click configure, the current usage grows every time after I restart the computer. Does anyone know why this is happening?


Curious, did you do any benchmarks to see if creating these restore points slows down your boot process? If so do you notice a difference between the 1st restart and the 2nd, 3rd, 4th restart?

If you aren’t actually doing anything, like installing a program, that might explain why you aren’t getting any new restore points; but you also mention your usage is growing after every restart which doesn’t make sense if that is the case. There should be a percentage listed there that limits how much space is used for restore points, at which point the oldest restore point will be over-written with the newest restore point once the space is full.

You are making sure to click the check box on the bottom left to “Show more restore points” right?



Thanks for the suggestion but I figured it out. There is an error in the article. The registry key should be SystemRestorePointCreationFrequency, not SystemRestorePointFrequency.

Still not sure why the disk usage continues to increase. I’ve been monitoring it over the past couple hours (without creating any more restore points) and it continues to increase by a couple MB every so often. I wonder how long this will continue.


Pinging the writer for review @Walter_Glenn