System protection configuration reset to 0


I need help on how to prevent my system protection configuration from going back to 0. I configured it to 20% and created at leat 6 system restore points but when I boot on Win7 and later boot on Win10 again, the configuration is lost. Both win7 and 10 are behaving similarly on the restore points being lost when I boot back and forth. Is there a way in it? Is it really my dual boot that affects the configuration or there are other windows configuration that affects it? I need the restore points because I always test freeware and shareware applications. Thanks for any ideas.


I don’t know the cause of your issue, but might I suggest if you intend to test freeware and shareware that you consider using a VM instead? It would be a lot safer and faster to recover.


Thanks, I could be on that path. I still intend to know the reason, that could be an added “know how” or “help” for others and for me particularly. Thanks a lot