Suspected malware? Or what?


This thing pop-ups on my lower right corner of my computer every now and then after accidentally installing something and couldn’t uninstall it because “the application is open”. Without my bitdefender, a window opens for an ad and it pisses me off. How can i completely remove these malwares or stuffs?


Have you tried Malware Bytes?


I have tried deleting some suspicious files thru safe mode. And it havent appeared yet.

Is Malwarebytes better than bitdefender?


I strongly suspect that the “hey.exe” is malware. You need to remove that.


Malware Bytes is typically the number 1 recommend anti-malware from my experience.


@mynameistunying Could you upload the infected file in site and share a link of it? I’m curious about the virus type of both APK and EXE file.


I dont know how i got it cuz im very cautious on each and every files that i download from the internet. And its been 12hrs since the last popup of my antivirus.


Are you trying Malwarebytes?