Supreme Court Allows Antitrust Suit Against Apple to Proceed


May 13, 2019

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Monday allowed an enormous antitrust class action against Apple to move forward, saying that the plaintiffs should be allowed to try to prove that the technology giant had used monopoly power to raise the prices of iPhone apps.

The lawsuit is in its early stages, and it must overcome other legal hurdles. But successful antitrust plaintiffs are entitled to triple damages, meaning Apple’s exposure could be significant.

Apple charges a 30 percent commission to software developers who sell their products through its App Store, bars developers from selling their apps elsewhere and plays a role in setting prices by requiring them to end in 99 cents.

The App Store has been extraordinarily successful. It features more than two million apps, Apple told the court, and generated payments to developers in 2017 of more than $26 billion.

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Huh. I hadn’t heard of this one.

I’m hoping this succeeds, because I want to see sideloading as an option for Apple devices. The outcome of the iBooks case should lend some weight to the idea that Apple, even as a non-monopoly seller of iPhones, can still be in violation of anti-trust laws.

It’ll be interesting to see where this goes.


Well, it is interesting to know. I do feel that they have the monopoly in raising prices of the phones.


Hmm, They have enjoyed the monopoly in market for a long time. Let us see how and where this goes…