Stupid, cruel, and perverse Ask Toolbar

I found this article – – thank you for your help.

However, I am finding that even going to my Uninstall Programs menu (Windows 7) isn’t enough to dislodge that cancerous Ask tumor.
It says “preparing to remove” – but within seconds I get Error 2738: Could not access VBScript run time for custom action.

Got any help for me? I am ready to kill someone.

– ssalgy

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Although it would be nice to rid your computer of all remnants of the beast, it is really sufficient to disable it in the browser(s)

You might try Revo Uninstaller in advanced mode. If the uninstall fails let it go to advanced mode and delete what it finds there.

Last alternative would be to install it again and then try to delete it. Again I would recommend Revo to do the job.


Thank you for the quick response. I shall try your recommendations. I wanted to rid my computer of it all together but perhaps that’s not necessary.

I’ll report back.

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Yep, Revo seems to work fine.

Don’t forget to have a peek through your add-ons/extensions in your browser(s), too- just in case.


I meant to say,

When installing anything, always choose “advanced” or “custom” install (vs. “recommended” or “express”). Many times, that’s the only place you see & can “opt-out” of these tag-a-long pieces of junkware.

The “advanced” tag is just to intimidate the uninitiated. Pass it on!



I went through this rotten process about a year ago, tried everything but could not remove this horrible software junk. I ended up going into the registry and removing anything that involved, that worked.
The people responsible for this should be thrown in jail.

Hi ssalgy (and everyone) - sorry for the trouble you had with the removal of our toolbar. We know there can be some unique situations and browser settings which can interfere with smooth removal; for that reason, we have always published very simple, universal removal steps right on the front page of our Help Center, and you’ll find them here:

If I can help with anything else, please feel free to get in touch via any of the ‘contact’ links available on every page of the Help Center.

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Being 76 and “TechnoChallenged” I often have to work out my own solutions for things like “Open Candy” and that dreadful, ubiquitous “Ask Toolbar” plus a host of other unsolicited trash that sneaks onto my PC.

Some years ago I installed RegSeeker v.155 on my XP Home and installed it again on my Windows 7 Pro, because, though a bit risky if you are not careful, it is the best solution, in my experience, of getting rid of these horrible things.

I first try the free Revo Uninstaller. Then I run “Everything” search and delete anything “Ask Toolbar” right from Everything. Third, I open RegSeeker and type in under "Find in Registry"
the exact name (being careful about spaces too, e.g. is it “AskToolbar” or “Ask Toolbar”?) of the unwanted and hard-to-remove program.

Reg Seeker finds what you are looking for every time. Let it run to 100% which, when done, will show how many entries RegSeeker found, and the 100% will become “0” showing the search has finished. Click “Select All”, untick “Backup before deletion” on the bottom left of RegSeeker and under “Action”, click “Delete All” (if you forget this, only the deleted items are backed up anyway, so open “Backups” select the backup at the top of the page of RegSeeker with a left-click, and delete with a right-click) Restart, run Everything and RegSeeker again, in case some entries were missed.

Problem solved.

Hope this works for you. Revo Uninstaller (free) always leaves a lot of registry entries , files and folders behind. I find that running these two free programs after each uninstall cleans the lot out.

I Auto-Clean my registry once a month with RegSeeker: Auto Clean is dead-safe. The problem comes in when one looks for a file like Opera. You get pages of blue opera, but if you look carefully, you find the blue opera is followed by “tion” in black = “operation”. So care needs to be exercised. Well defined names, like CCleaner, Avira, Conduit etc are no problem. I have been following this procedure for years and have never trashed my registry.


I just popped in for a nosey but glad I did as there is some good advice here. Thanks to Ballyirish in particular as I am now going to trial RegSeeker and clear out some junk as I never realised Revounistaller did not get everything when I used advanced mode.

As with any free download or update, I’m very careful not to apply any other search engines while selecting the free stuff. But, this time it got me for lack of attention. The ominous ASK Toolbar is stuck on my Roboform Homepage. I’ve tried everything except removing the Chrome-Google app. I went to every site offering a removal tool, cleaned the Registry on Win OS VISTA SP2 by categories, and thought your site would have the answer. It seems you’ve been there too. So I’ll ask, since these posts are fairly old; Is there a new way to remove this Toolbar short of uninstalling Chrome?? Any suggestions are appreciated!

Needless to say, Java and ASK have lost credibility with me by sneaking malware into my PC.